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Rainbow Frozen Fruit and Veggie Chicken Treat Block

Chicken keeping can be serious business: worrying if your new chicks are warm enough, if your coop is going to be big enough, if your hen is egg bound, how to break a broody hen, if your pullet is actually a rooster, how to get your chickens to like the new additions to your flock,  if there is a predator lurking...the list goes on and on.

So sometimes it's fun to just kick back and relax and really enjoy chicken keeping while doing something special for them. This Rainbow Fruit and Veggie Ice Block did it for me.

Frozen treats are always appreciated in the summer.  This one is easy to make and gives your chickens a nice selection of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Here's what you do:

Assemble five or six brightly colored fruits and veggies. You can use fresh or frozen. You'll need about 1-1/2 cups of each.  I used fresh watermelon, frozen raspberries, fresh carrots, frozen corn, frozen peas, and frozen blueberries.

Blend each separately in your food processor, slowing adding a bit of ice water until you get a soupy pureed consistency.

Pour each batch out into a separate bowl and rinse out the food processor between batches. 

Into a full-size glass loaf pan, pour your first tier in so you have about a 1/2" layer. I started with the pink watermelon.  

Put the loaf pan into the freezer for about 45 minutes, or until the top is almost solid and only yields a bit if you press on it.  Then carefully ladle your next layer on top. 

Continue until you have filled the pan (or run out of puree to layer!), freezing for 45 minutes between each layer, and then freeze the whole pan overnight or until frozen solid. 

To unmold, hold under warm running water until the block comes loose.

You end up with something that looks like this. A beautiful rainbow-tiered frozen ice block.

Of course any new treat is going to be met with some skepticism at first, but our chickens soon dug right in.

The chickens and the ducks seemed to enjoy pecking at the colored layers. 

Easy, fun, nutritious and a certain mood lifter. And just maybe....

your  chickens will reward you with a 
Reality Disclaimer: egg color is determined by breed not diet

So save those partial bags of frozen veggies and a bit past their prime fruits and make your flock a rainbow ice block sometime!

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