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Abigail's (or Amy's) First Egg! It's Olive Green!

~our first Olive Egg~
As soon as I heard about the new breed called an Olive Egger earlier this year, I know I wanted some.  A black chicken (my favorite!) with cheek puffs and feathered feet that lays olive green eggs? What's not to love!

For more on the breed, read Marans + Ameraucana = Olive Egger.
~our Olive Egger rooster, John Quincy Adams~

I was thrilled to get some hatching eggs.  We hatched our very first chicks from those eggs. Follow along day by day HERE.   

We have two beautiful Olive Egg hens named Abigail and Amy and a regal rooster named John Quincy Adams. 
~Abigail, Amy and John Quincy Adams~
I've been patiently waiting for the first olive egg from one of the two girls.  And waiting...

Several days ago, I caught Abigail checking out one of the nesting boxes and got my hopes up. But nothing.
~Abigail checking out her options~

Then just now when I was in the coop collecting eggs, look what I found!
~today's bounty~

Our first Olive Egg!
~it sure it olive-colored~

Twenty-one weeks old today, Abigail (or maybe it was Amy) laid her first egg!

Just when you think this chicken keeping is old hat, something exciting like this happens and it's all new and exciting again!
~neat new color to add to our assortment~
Have I mentioned how much I have been looking forward to olive green eggs?
Doing a happy dance!

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