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Winter Challenges on the Farm - Guest Post for Ram Trucks


Earlier this year, I was asked by Ram Trucks to write several articles for their Ram Zone blog to celebrate the year of the farmer in conjunction with the release of their amazing Year of the Farmer video that aired during the Superbowl game.

The third article in the series has just gone live .... I hope you enjoy it!

My third article in the series I wrote for Ram Trucks is very season-appropriate, focusing on cold weather woes on a farm. I really enjoyed writing the articles in this series, since they made me think about what it really means to be a farmer.  I believe if you work your land - no matter how large or small - if you reap crops of produce or animal products from things you nurture and raise... you ARE a farmer.  'Farmer' is just a title - it's really a state of mind and way of life. And I wouldn't trade it for the world.

So without further ado, the third article in my Ram Truck Year of the Farmer series appears here.

And now for the disclaimer: I was compensated to write these articles for Ram Trucks, but I swear that everything I wrote about being a farmer is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing BUT the truth, and not in ANY way influenced by the compensation received or how much we LOVE our Ram Truck!

We do own a Ram pickup truck. It's more than a decade old and still going strong. We use it to haul all kinds of feed for our animals, hay, straw, shavings, top soil, flats of plants and flowers, fruit trees, free pallets from the feed store, you name it. I hope one day we will use it to bring home a small herd of pgymy goats...but no luck so far convincing my husband that we NEED goats! That's a battle for another day.

Our truck predates our farm. We bought the truck in 2003. I guess it was a 'guy thing' because we were living in a neighborhood, HOA and all, in Pensacola, Florida where my husband was serving in the Navy. We had absolutely no reason to need a pickup truck. None. But within a few months, he had retired and we moved here to Virginia to our farm and the fairy tale began.  The moral of THAT story is 'you just never know when you might buy a farm and need a pickup truck!'

But I digress ... I hope you enjoyed this latest installment of the Year of the Farmer series presented by Ram Trucks.

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