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My Top 10 Favorite Blogs - My Choices Might Surprise You!


I love blogging. I really do. I also love reading other people's blogs. I have discovered so many wildly talented bloggers as a result and met so many nice people by chatting with them in the comment section of their blog. I get asked pretty frequently which are the blogs I read regularly, so I thought I would share my top ten favorite blogs with you. And it might surprise you, but they aren't all chicken blogs! (although I will be sharing my favorite chicken-centric blogs at a later date, so stay tuned for that).

My criteria for a great blog are simple. The blog must be visually appealing with top-notch photography. The content has to be original, unique, interesting and focused.  There has to BE content - not just contests, round-ups, blog hops etc. but real content that I can learn from or be entertained by or just enjoy for whatever reason. The writing has to be good-quality - no glaring grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes....

So, in no particular order, here are my current favorite blogs.
I first found Savory Simple on Instagram. Jennifer Farley, a professional chef and baker, is also a food photographer. Her photography is simply stunning and she's worth following on that merit alone - but trust me, her recipes are pretty darned good too!

I met Rebecca Sweet, the genius behind Harmony in the Garden and her blog Gossip in the Garden, at P. Allen Smith's Garden Bloggers event. She is not only an author, speaker and talented landscape artist, she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met (no play on words there Ms. Sweet!).  We also discovered that we were born a day apart, in the same year, married a month apart, same year and both have a corgi. So technically, we're doppelgangers! But that's not why I love her blog - she also happens to create beautiful gardens.

Kate from Farmhouse 38 is THE most crafty gal I have ever met. Her blog continues to amaze me,  post after post. She is not above putting cupcake paper tutus on her baby chicks and filming them 'dancing' to ballet music, but she is also a seriously talented artist. She loves glitter and glue sticks and her blog is home to a wide variety of fun craft ideas, gardening tips and makeovers. She also mixes up a MEAN cocktail at the drop of a hat.

Yes, THAT Mrs. Potter, you know, Monica Potter. The actress? Well it turns out that in addition to being a beautiful and gifted actor, she has a secret (or I guess not so secret now!) life as a crafter, cook and DIYer on her blog Mrs. Potter. How cool is that?  She crafts and cooks and cleans and gardens and mixes up natural potions and stuff on her blog - and I love it all!

Jen lives with three generations of her family in New Hampshire in a farmhouse built in 1840. She shares recipes, gardening tips and more on her blog 1840 Farm. She raises goats, chickens and has a pet rabbit and a schnauzer - and hand sews the most  beautiful fabric baskets that she sells on etsy. Jen is also an extremely talented writer and it's clear why she has been featured in various national magazines.

I follow several food blogs, but Framed Cooks seems to be the one that I consistently am drawn to try the recipes from. Kate shares a wonderful variety of mouth-watering dishes from Fried Green Tomatoes to Molasses Cookies to Lobster Sliders. I never know what she'll be whipping up next, but every recipe of hers that I have ever tried has been spectacular. She is a big fan of cheese, pasta and bacon - so what's not to love?

Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams blogs from Canada. She blogs about life and flowers and blogging. She blogs about her tuxedo cat Boots (I SWEAR that Boots isn't the only reason I follow her!) She's a great writer and an even better photographer and every post is thought provoking at the very least.

Jan from The Nerdy Farm Wife does it all - she makes soaps, salves and lotions. She grows herbs and flowers. She raises chickens and goats and kids. She cooks and bakes. She writes ebooks. And she manages to capture all her energy and wrap it up in a pretty package on her wonderful blog.

I met Linda from Garden Betty also at P. Allen Smith's gardening event last month, but I had been following her blog long before that. Linda grows stuff and raises chickens and blogs about it. She's been working on her first book, a cookbook using garden produce, and I can't wait for it to come out. Her husband is a photographer, so all the photographs on her blog are always beautiful. Her blog has been recognized by both Country Living and HGTV, so you get the idea - it's awesome! And furthermore, she's a truly beautiful person inside and out.

Last but not least, I am enamored with The Daily Corgi. This blog is all about corgis...well, duh! People rescuing them, adopting them, returning from deployment and getting slobbered over, getting engaged and married and including their adorable corgis in every aspect of their lives.  What can I say? It's my guilty pleasure.

So there you have it. That's what I'm reading this summer.  The ten blogs whose posts I always am excited to see in my inbox. They never disappoint, and the women behind them are talented, generous and wonderful. So I'm curious, do any of my choices surprise you? 

My favorite way to follow blogs is via Bloglovin. All your favorite blogs in one place, one email a day with all the updates. Easy, clean, free and no-fuss. 

I hope you will visit some, or all, of these excellent blogs. And if YOU have a blog, please leave the link below, so that I  can come visit! I am always on the lookout for new favorites. It was so hard to choose just ten...but I think you'll agree that my choices are all worth checking out!

I would love for you to join me here...
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