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Fancy Feet on the Farm x The Original Muck Boot Company

We are so excited to partner with The Original Muck Boot Company! We agreed to help them launch their new fall line.

Here on our farm, we've got lots of fancy feet - feathered and furry.  We've got chicken feet of course...

 Our Olive Egger Abigail has pretty feathered feet. 

Our Lavender Orpington Violet has slate-gray feet.

Amy the Olive Egger apparently doesn't want to stand n the grass on her pretty feathered feet.

And we've got duck feet...

Gregory has beautiful orange feet.

We've got cat and dog feet...

 Bella our German Shepherd managed to get all four feet into her photo.

Linus our tuxedo cat took a break from stalking field mice to pose for me with his snow-white paws. 

Winston our Corgi is a bit of a rough-and-tumble guy, happiest in the dirt or mud.

We both got a hose down that  day!

We've even got some horse feet...

Sundance our paint horse manages to keep his legs nice and white.

Jessie our Tennessee Walker has small, dainty feet.

With all these cute feet upstaging my feet, I'm sure no one even noticed what I was wearing! But I am loving my new boots from The Original Muck Boot Company.  They are shorter than other boots, making for easy on and off. Nice warm neoprene with a cute blue and lavender pattern. They're so comfy and made to The Original Muck Boot Company highest standards.

I would love for you to join me here...
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