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Deviled Eggs with Blue Cheese and Bacon


I hope you're enjoying this cooking series I've been sharing, hosted by my friend and food blogger Kate Jackson, creator of Framed Cooks. I know I am! This week she shared her recipe for deviled eggs with me.

We thought this recipe was very timely - this being Halloween week and all - and would be perfect for a post-Halloween snack! Kate says, "Add some bacon and blue cheese to your next batch of deviled eggs to make them positively heavenly! Bacon blue cheese deviled eggs – the best!"

Oh, and as you all know, fresh eggs are the DEVIL to peel, so you're going to want to use my "fresh" tip for perfectly peeled hardboiled eggs!

I hope you enjoy Kate's recipe for Deviled Eggs with Blue Cheese and Bacon, and while you're at it, be sure to head over and follow Kate on her social media @framedcooks. Did I mention how drool-worthy all of her food photos are?

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