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Perfect Pan Fried Eggs

You may think you know how to make a fried egg, but you don't. Trust me. But you will after trying this brilliant method from my friend Kate at Framed Cooks!

It's so simple and easy, I can't believe I haven't tried it before now. Perfect Pan Fried Eggs takes everything you think you know about frying and egg and turns it upside down! 

I love to make elaborate frittatas and quiches, bake with my fresh eggs, and make cheesy stuffed omelets. But I think the way I cook eggs most often is to just drop them into a hot pan of sizzling oil and fry them.

But no more. Now that I know I was doing it all wrong, I'm making these pan fried eggs part of my New Year's Resolution.

As Kate says, "Perfect fried eggs can be yours every time with an unexpected method! So break out the frying pan and the eggs and let's make breakfast."

Enjoy this recipe for Perfect Pan Fried Eggs !

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