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Veggie and Cheddar Toasty Frittata


It's Thursday and that means it's time for another delicious egg recipe from Kate over at Framed Cooks! This week, she shared another frittata recipe

I am a big fan of frittatas because they're basically crust-less quiches. Or as I like to call them the lazy girl's quiche! But in this recipe, little cubes of toasty bread almost become the crust. How brilliant! 

One nice thing about omelets, quiches and frittatas is that you can pretty much use whatever combination of meats, veggies and cheese you have on hand. 

Plus, this is a one pan recipe which always appeals to me. 

Less dirty dishes to wash! 

As Kate says, "This quick and easy toasty cheddar vegetable oven frittata has everything from toast to cheese to veggies in it for the perfect all-in-one meal."

This recipe definitely is a keeper! Head over to Framed Cooks for all the details.

And visit Framed Cooks or follow on social media for more great, mouth-watering recipes! 

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