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French Bistro Salad with Egg and Bacon


While you may not immediately think of a salad as an early spring, cold weather meal, I think you might change your mind after trying this recipe for a French Bistro Salad from Kate at Framed Cooks.

I had never heard of a "bistro salad" before, but after doing a bit of Googling, I learned that it's a simple lettuce-based salad, elevated by the addition of a few basic, but rich, ingredients and dressed with a vinaigrette dressing.  

According to an article I read in the Boston Globe, classic bistro salads are "salads that balance bright, crisp greens and tangy vinaigrettes with rich ingredients: bacon and poached egg, rounds of baked goat cheese, and a combination of beets, nuts, and blue cheese. These comforting meals provide a dose of cheer and fortification in the midst of winter’s whipping winds."

It makes sense that this particular type of salad doesn't use lots of fresh summer veggies, instead it focuses on early spring lettuce and then other ingredients that the early French might have had in their larger or pantry from the previous year's harvest.

Regardless, this hardy salad will make the perfect lunch for this time of year. Kate's version highlights a fresh egg and bacon. Enjoy the recipe!

Click for the French Bistro Salad with Egg and Bacon recipe!

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