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Fresh Basil Goat Cheese Souffle

It's basil season! 

Can't you just smell it from here? 

I always look forward to that time of year when I am able to pick fresh basil right from my herb garden. 

I love basil any which way - ground into pesto, layered with fresh mozzarella and sun-ripened tomatoes from the garden, folded into scrambled eggs, garnishing a refreshing cocktail - but this souffle from Kate at Framed Cooks really takes home the blue ribbon! 

If you have never tried making a souffle before, you really should give it a whirl. And this is the perfect opportunity to start honing your skills. 

No souffle dish needed.  This one bakes up right in a skillet.

But you are going to need a handful of fresh basil..... and if you can round up a goat, even better! (JK.... you can just go buy some goat cheese at your local supermarket).

And really? What's the worst that can happen? Your souffle will fall flat? I bet it will still taste amazing.

Fresh Basil Goat Cheese Souffle

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