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Fresh Blueberry Snack Cake aka Boy Bait

I thought this uniquely sweet recipe with it's fun little name and pops of vibrant blue color - verging on red in spots - throughout was the perfect fit for the 4th of July holiday! 

It combines fresh blueberries with brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet little treat, that in Kate from Framed Cooks words will "entice admirers into your kitchen and bring them running"!

You'll need fresh blueberries for this recipe. 

Maine blueberries are the best of course, but any fresh, ripe blueberry will fact, I bet any berry would do just fine.

Click the link below to learn the story of the name "Boy Bait" came to be and grab the quick, easy recipe!

Get the Blueberry Boy Bait Recipe!

And happy 4th of July from Fresh Eggs Daily and Framed Cooks

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