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The Maple Bacon Spinach Brie Egg Sandwich


I'm a big fan of egg sandwiches for breakfast.

But not all egg sandwiches are created equal, as Kate from Framed Cooks teaches us this week! 

Introducing the Maple Bacon Spinach Brie Egg Sandwich which elevates the lowly fresh egg, slab of cheese, English muffin version of an egg sandwich to gourmet status!

And it's not much more work.

While your toasted muffins are still warm, spread on some nice soft Brie cheese.

Then slather some maple syrup on your bacon slices and pop them in the oven.  

While that's happening, saute some baby spinach, then cook your eggs.

As Kate states, "This recipe for an egg sandwich with spinach, Brie and maple bacon makes an egg sandwich like no other! A breakfast or brunch extravaganza."

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