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Painted Mason Jar Flower Vases

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Painted Mason jars make pretty flower vases.

If you're already dreaming of spring, and had enough of cold, snow and ice, you don't have to wait until Mother Nature decides it's time...instead bring a bit of spring indoors with these easy repurposed mason jar vases.

I have stopped using the traditional glass Mason jar waterers for my baby chicks. 

No matter how often you change the water or how high you raise the waterer, it's always filled with shavings. I have also had the jars tip over, and had chicks get stuck behind them if I put them in the corner of the brooder.

I found that the cage cups that are sold for parrot cages work a lot better. 

And I am not a home canner. 

So I am left with a bunch of glass Mason jars.  I needed to figure out another use for them so they didn't just sit in the garage and collect dust.

Then Voila ! I saw painted Mason jars used as flower vases on Pinterest.  And that was what I decided to do with my jars. 

Here's how I made Mason jars into pretty vases.

Painted Mason Jar Flower Vases

What you Need | 

Pint or quart Mason jars (Mason jars can often be found very inexpensively at retail stores or even at garage or estate sales)

Spray paint in assorted pastel colors

Clear spray polyurethane

Ribbon, optional

Fresh flowers

What you Do |

  • First wash out the jars well and let them dry outside in the sun.
  • Then decide what colors you want to spray them. I used Valspar Satin spray paint in pastel colors.
  • Spread out newspapers and spray one side of the jars. 
  • Let dry completely.  
  • Spray the bottom and other side of each jar and place each upside down on a piece of rubber shelf liner. (The mouths of the jars won't stick to the shelf liner like they do to newspaper.) 
  • When the paint is dry, spray each jar with a coat of clear polyurethane and set them to dry again.
  • When the jars are dry, fill with fresh or silk flowers and tie pretty ribbons around the necks.

So simple, but so pretty..... and the color combinations are endless !

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