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Interviews + Features

I've been fortunate to be asked to appear both in-person (often with chickens!) and virtually on many local and national television shows, radio shows, and podcasts and also featured in numerous digital and print publications over the years. 

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Here are some of the highlights of my past appearances.

Recent Media

2024 TV Appearances 

WGN | Weekend Break at The Spice House

2023 TV Appearances 

All Indiana/WishTV | Benefits of Raising Hens
California Live/NBC| Here's How to Start a Backyard Chicken Coop
FOX19 Now | Is it Worth Raising your Own Chickens?
KTLA | Summer Egg Recipes and Hacks
New York Living | Holiday Egg Recipes
Newsy Weekend Debrief | Easter Impacted by Inflation and Egg Shortage
NTDNews |Pros and Cons of Raising Hens for Eggs
Scripps News Live | Why are Eggs so Expensive?
WABI Maine | Want eggs? Queen of the Coop offers Advice
WXMI Fox 17 Michigan | What you Need to Know Before Raising Chickens

2022 TV Appearances 

Great Day KC | Eggs in Pots (Oeufs en Cocotte)
KATU/AM Northwest | Homemade Mayonnaise
KTLA | Author Shares Recipes from her New Cookbook
The Morning Blend | Finnish Oven Pancake
New Day NWLearning about all things eggs with cookbook author Lisa Steele
Today in Nashville | Egg Yolk Ravioli
U.S. News & World Report | Best Chicken Coops of 2024
WABI | Dixmont Woman Releases Egg Cookbook
WFLA | Cheesy Baked Cream Eggs
WGN Lunch Break | Orange Brandy Olive Oil Cake
WPIX11 | Gift ideas for everyone on your life

Complete List of Television Appearances HERE

2024 In Print/Online

Broken Palate | Decoding your Eggs
Chewy | What do Baby Chicks Eat?
Country Living Magazine | 13 Best Chicken Coop Interior Ideas
Country Living Magazine | 25 Top-Flight Gifts for Chicken Lovers
Country Living Magazine | 37 DIY Chicken Coop Plans & Ideas
Food & Wine | This Chef Cooked 400 Eggs to Write her Cookbook
Parade | How to Avoid Green Egg Yolks in Hard Boiled Eggs
Parade | Wait, are Eggs Dairy? 
Parade | Why are Egg Prices going up Right Now? 
Woman's World | Chef's Secret to Best-Ever Fried Eggs
Woman's World | Chef’s Genius Trick Keeps Boiled Eggs From Cracking While Cooking
Woman's World | Fried Deviled Eggs Recipe

2024 On the Air/Podcasts/Radio

Pre-2024 Features

In Print/Online

AARP | Great Pets that Aren't Cats or Dogs
Business Insider | How I Turned my Blog into an Empire
ChatterSource | How to Poach an Egg
Chicago Tribune | Down to Business - Don't be Intimidated by Spices
Cleburne Times-Review | An Innocent Halloween Tradition With Serious Consequences
Daily Mail | Americans Stress Buy Chickens as Egg Prices Soar
Daily Meal | 13 of the Biggest Mistakes you Might be Making When Storing Eggs
Edible Maine | Putting up Local Eggs
Epicurious | How Long to Hard-Boiled Eggs Last?
Epoch Times | Introduce your Kids to the Eggstraordinary World of Chicken Keeping
Everyday Health | Want to Raise Chickens to Save on Eggs?
Express UK | Foolproof way to Cook Easy-to-Peel Boiled Eggs
For Women First | Egg-onomics: Could Raising Backyard Chickens Help You Save Money on Eggs?
Forbes | Best Chicken Coops to Keep your Flock as Safe as Possible
Fox News | Could a Bird Flu Pandemic Spread to Humans?
Greenfield Recorder | Fresh Eggs for Daffodil Season
Homes &Gardens | How to Keep Chickens Warm in Winter
Huffington Post | 8 Foods you Should Never Cook in a Cast Iron Skillet
Hunker | Why are Barns Always Painted Red?
The Japan Times | The Luxury Treatment your Expensive Eggs Deserve 
KCRW Good Food | Ultimate Super Bowl Party Recipe Guide
KCRW Good Food | Egg-cellent Egg Recipes for Easter
LA Weekly | Cookbooks: 7 Tasty Stocking Stuffers for the Holidays
Mashed | 11 Hacks for the Best Fried Eggs of your Life
Mashed | Why you Should Never Cook Omelets in a Cast Iron Pan
New York Times | The Scrambled Egg Technique That Impressed J. Kenji López-Alt
Outside Magazine | You Need these Cheesy Baked Eggs in Your Life
Parade | 13 Boxed Mac and Cheese Brands That Taste Better Than *Dare We Say* Homemade
Parade | How to Tell if Eggs are Bad
Parade | Can you Freeze Eggs?
Popular Science | 6 Things to Know Before Deciding to Raise Backyard Chickens
Powells | Cooking our Books: 7 Bookseller-Tested Cookbooks
Prime Women | Time to Indulge: Holiday Brunch Recipes
Redfin | How to Store Herbs and Vegetables
Salon | The "Queen of the Coop" answers all of your Egg-centric Questions
Salon | This Mother's Day, turn a typically sweet treat into something rich and savory
Salon | Here's How Experts Say you Should be Storing your Condiments
SheKnows | Nancy Fuller's Crockpot Chicken Uses a Giada-Approved Secret Ingredient
Southern Living | Why Do My Hard-Boiled Eggs Have Green Yolks?
St. Louis Post Dispatch | The Truth about Egg Cartons and Other Egg Secrets
Tampa Bay Times | These High Eggs Prices Have Tampa Bay Scrambling
Washington Times | A Dozen Eggs Make this Angel Food Cake Light as a Feather
Wide Open Country | The Benefits of Using Peppermint Spray in your Garden
Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener | Gardening with Joey and Holly
The Wildest | Are Celebrity Chefs Feeding their Pets 5-Star Meals?
Woman's World | Blueberry Cookies are the Ultimate Soft and Chewy Treat
Woman's World | Chef Reveals the Surprise Secret to Fluffy Scrambled Eggs — And It’s So Easy
Yahoo Life | Bright Orange Yolks Don’t Necessarily Mean High-Quality Eggs
Yahoo Life | Why Do My Hard-Boiled Eggs Have Green Yolks?
Your Zen Mama| 5 Best Chicken Breeds for Families with Kids

425 Magazine | An Egg-Ceptional New Cookbook
ABC News | Angel Food Cake
The Associated Press | Cookbook Shows off the Very Versatile Egg
The Associated Press | A Dozen Eggs Makes this Angel Food Cake Light as a Feather
Atlanta Journal Constitution | The Best Laid Plans for Egg-Centric Cooking
AZ Big Media | These 7 Summer Pie Recipes are Meant for Arizona
Bloomberg | We're here to Unscramble the Hype Behind Pricey Cage-Free Eggs
Bloomberg Businessweek | The Good Egg
Book Riot | Break your Overnight Fast with these Breakfast Cookbooks
Boston Common Magazine | Weekly Recipe: Puffy Eggs
Boston Herald | 5 Common Egg Cooking Mistakes you May be Making
Charleston Post & Courier | 2 Approachable Weeknight Recipes | 54 Cookbooks Released in 2022
Closer Magazine
CNN | Sick of Hard Boiled Eggs?
Connecticut Public | Double Dill Scrambled Eggs
Connecticut Public | Lemon Meringue Pie
Connecticut Public | Eggs Benedict
CT Insider | Gift ideas for the foodie in your life
The Daily Item | Ruby red rhubarb the star in French-style clafoutis for Easter dessert
The Daily Meal | Don't Make These Mistakes When Cooking Deviled Eggs
Detroit News | The Truth about Egg Cartons and Other Egg Secrets
East Bay Times | Broccoli Cheddar Tart
East Bay Times | Toasty Baked Egg Cups
East Bay Times | Eggs Baked in Butternut Squash
The Ellsworth American | Great Eggs-pectations
Epoch Times | From Wall Street to the Farm: Meet America’s Most Beloved Chicken-Keeping Guru
Epoch Times | How Old are your Store-bought Eggs
Epoch Times | 7 Fun Summer Businesses for Kids
First for Women | Much of What We “Know” About Eggs Isn’t True: Here, Myths Debunked
Food Gal | Baked Eggs in Butternut Squash Rings
Forbes | This Maple Walnut Cake Is The Perfect Addition To Your Holiday Gatherings
Fox News | Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake with Candied Walnuts for Christmas Dessert
Fox News | Cheesy, Toasty Baked Eggs Cups with Chives
Greely Tribune | Queen of the Coop Talks Eggs, Recipes and a new Cookbook
Guideposts | She Celebrates Christmas with her Hens
Guideposts | Spiced Eggnog
Hello Giggles | You Will Love Making These 11 Delicious and Easy Fall Cocktails
Here & Now | Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook shows eggs are for breakfast, lunch, dinner — and happy hour
In Her Garden | Growing a Chicken Herb Garden
Journal Inquirer | Cookbook Breaks out Secrets of Eggs
Kitchen Chat | Queen of the Coop Lisa Steele
Kitchen Confidante | Eggs in a Nest
Leite's Culinaria | Toasty Baked Egg Cups
Mail Tribune | The Whole Dish
Maine Magazine | Breakfast on the Go
Maine Public  | Officials say Mainers should avoid gathering with birds as avian flu spreads
Martha Stewart | 3 Tips That Make Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Easy—Plus, a Genius Trick You Need to Try
Martha Stewart | Timing is Everything when you Make Hard-Boiled Eggs
Martha Stewart | How to Cook Soft-Boiled Eggs—Plus Another Technique You'll Want to Try
Mashed | How Storing Your Eggs Pointed Side up can Ruin Them
The Mercury News | The Queen of the Coop talks eggs, recipes and a new cookbook
The Mercury News | 5 Common Egg Cooking Mistakes You're Making
Modern Farmer | 5 Cookbooks We're Finding Comfort in Right Now
Montreal Gazette | Six O'Clock Solution: Baked Eggs Marinara
Mount Desert Islander | "Queen of the Coop" Gets Creative with Eggs
National Examiner | Eggs with Recipes from The Queen of the Coop
Naturally, Danny Seo | Unscrambling the Egg
The News | Culinary Thrill Seeking
News Tribune | Try Breakfast for Dinner with a Toad-in-the-Hole
Patch | Best Egg Recipes to Make for Every Meal
Portland Press Herald | Dixmont Poultry Guru has a Growing Gaggle of Followers
Post and Courier | Two Approachable Weeknight Recipes
Professors House | 5 Inspired Ways Eggs Make Foods Flawless
Readers Digest | Is it Safe to Eat Expired Eggs? 
Real Simple | Good Eggs
Saint Louis Dispatch | The Truth about Egg Cartons and Other Egg Secrets
San Francisco Book Review | Try Something New in the Kitchen
Santa Cruz Sentinel | Brunch Recipe: Eggs in Butternut Squash Rings
Sante Magazine | Lisa Steele “Queen of the Coop”- Baked Eggs in Butternut Squash Rings
The Seattle Times | Never Scramble for Meal Ideas When You Buy Fresh Eggs by the Dozens
The Splendid Table | Eggs Baked in Butternut Squash Rings
The Spruce Eats | Our Favorite Women in Food to Follow Right Now
The Spruce Eats |Cookbook Author Knows The Secret to Perfectly Peeled Hard-Boiled Eggs 
Star Tribune | Spring into Brunch Season with These 8 Recipes
Star Tribune | 10 Most Popular Recipes of 2022
Taste for Life | Waste Not: Upcycling Food Scraps
Tasting Table | This Storage Tip can Keep your Eggs Fresh Longer
Tasting Table | Fry Eggs in this Liquid for Richer Mornings
Tasting Table | 15 Deviled Egg Hacks you Wish you Knew Sooner
Toledo Blade | Take a Crack at This
The Washington Post | Cream-Fried Eggs
The Washington Post | Skip the Oil and Butter and Fry your Next Egg in Heavy Cream
Welcome Home Newsletter by Debbie Macomber
Well + Good | Why You Should Always Flip Your Eggs Upside Down | How Many Eggs Should I Eat? | Are Brown Eggs Better than White Eggs
The Westerley Sun | Cookbooks that Will Excite your Eyeballs
WNYC All of It | Egg Recipes for Easter
Woman's World | This Mouth-Watering Butternut Squash & Egg Recipe Is Perfect for Cozy Winter Mornings
Yahoo Life | Much of What we Know about Eggs isn't True

2021 | How to Choose the Perfect Chicken Coop for your Backyard
Country | How to Raise Happy Chickens
Country Living | The Newbie's Guide to Rural Life
Country Living | Best in Show Creature Comforts | How this Entrepreneur Took Her Passion and Turned it into Profit
Fox News | Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake with Candied Walnuts for Christmas Dessert
Greatist | How Long do Eggs Last?
Homes & Gardens | Keeping Chickens: A Guide to Keeping Hens in Your Backyard
Martha Stewart | How to Build your Own Backyard Chicken Coop
Mashed | The Real Reason Eggs are Sometimes Spotted
My | 20 Chicken Coop Décor Ideas to Create an Idyllic Backyard
New York Times | Best Chicken Coop and Accessories | Homesteading 101: Q&A with the Experts
Wall Street Journal | Ultimate Egg Recipes

2020 | Backyard Chickens
Bangor Daily News | Before you Get Chicks, Here's your Poultry 101 Lesson
Billion Success | Lisa Steele - From a Blog to a Full Business | Raising Chickens 101 | A Chicken Keeper Talks What It Takes to Start a Backyard Coop | How Long do Eggs Last?
Country Living | The Beginners Guide to Backyard Chickens
Country Woman | Hen-Powered Plants
Down East | The Whole Maine Catalog
Full Time Foodies | Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily | Raising Backyard Chickens | 33 Things Highly Successful People are Doing that You Probably Aren't
Maine Homes | Homesteading
Mashed | This Viral TikTok is Changing the Way People Store Eggs | How to Grow your Business or Brand by Writing a Book
NewsCenter Maine | Self-Sustaining during Corona Virus Pandemic via Gardening and Chicken Raisin
Pip Australian Permaculture | Deep Litter in the Chook House
Thrive Global | Thriving in the New Norm; Creating your own Sustainable Food Supply
Womans World | So you Want to Start Raising Chickens? Here's What you Need to Know
Yahoo Life  | Chicken Has Perfect Reaction to Sour Lemon

Acres USA | Chicken First Aid
The Clever Root | Chickens at Home
Down East | Home to Roost
Home & Garden NJ | What to Expect when your Eggspecting
New Food Economist | How Social Media is Fueling a Market for Novelty Eggs
Old Farmers Almanac Garden Guide | Eggs-cellent Ideas
Parade Magazine  | 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks and Easter Eggs
Thrive Global | How I Built a Brand in my Backyard
Total Prestige | Lisa Steele, Founder and Creator of Fresh Eggs Daily

Bangor Daily News | Author Lisa Steele Thinks Raising Chickens Can be Pretty and Practical
Country Living | Life with Pets Chicken Pro Lisa Steele
Farmers' Almanac | Garden Easier by Letting your Chickens Help
Gardeners Supply Company| Gardening with Chickens | Irresistible Homemade Lemon Curd
Long Island Newsday | Christmas Gifts Gardeners will Dig
My | Bright Orange Yolks Don't Necessarily Mean High-Quality Eggs
Newsday | Gifts for your Green Thumb
The Oregonian | Chicken Coop Home Sales
San Diego Home/Garden | It's All in the Prep
Splash Magazine | Summertime Food and Beverage Gift Guide 2018
Time Inc's Extra Crispy | Don't Wash your Eggs
USA Today article + photos) | Backyard Chickens Join Cats and Dogs as Pampered Pets
Zest Maine | Unscrambling Eggs

American Farmhouse Style | Happy Hens, Happy Home
Country Journal/Country Cottage | Eggcellent Gardening
DIYNetwork Creative Genuis | Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily | Mother Hen
Farmers' Almanac | The Chicken or the Egg? 5 Timely Tips on Raising Backyard Chickens | Gardening with Chickens + 8 Common Myths About Raising Backyard Poultry
HGTV Magazine | Storing Eggs
Holland Sentinel | What the Cluck? Author Discusses Basics to Raising Backyard Chickens
Minneapolis Star Tribune | Chickens can be Garden Helpers
Out Here Tractor Supply | Out Here Picks
Pacific Sun | Home Garden Master Composters
Parade Magazine's Community Table | Gardening with Chickens
USA Today | 13 New Garden Books to Inspire, Inform and Charm you this Spring
USA Today | Chickens can be Helpful and Challenging
Wall Street Journal | Pecking Order for Tick Eradication

Associated Press (December 2016)/April 2016) | Raising Backyard Chickens Egging on the Farm-to-Table Movement at Home
Daily Break | Hatching a Free- Range Paradise
LA Daily News | Free Range Garden Chickens Produce Companionship, Fresh Eggs and a Potent Plant Fertilizer 
Molly Green | Natural Pest Control in the Garden
Mother Earth News | Do Farm Fresh Eggs Require Refrigeration?
The UK Telegraph Best Gardening Books of 2016
Thread MB | Lisa Steele Ain't no Chicken!
Washington Post | Chickens can be Helpful and Challenging for  Gardeners | Cluck! The Joys of Keeping Backyard Chickens

Better Homes and | Chicken Coop Plans
Gardening Know How | Planning your Butterfly Garden
Good Housekeeping | Helpful Gardening DIY Ideas
Mental Floss | 9 Niche Blogs for your Perusal

Freedom Farms | Chatting Near the Chicken Coop with Lisa Steele
Suffolk News Herald | Suffolk Author Gives Fresh Egg Advice
Urban Farm | She's Fresh!
Virginian-Pilot | Raising Chickens? A Suffolk Woman Wrote the Book

Good Housekeeping | My Smart Solution
Out Here Tractor Supply | Farm Fresh  Store Eggs Correctly so they Remain Safe and Tasty
RamZone Year of the Farmer | How Chickens Made us Part of the Community
Virginian-Pilot | Suffolk Woman Writes Books on Raising Chickens

2012 | Raising Ducks series
New Zealand Lifestyle Block | How to Care for your Poultry
Southern Living | Dixie Chickens

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