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Honey for Heat Stress in Chickens

Honey for Heat Stress in Chickens

Studies have shown that honey can help alleviate heat stress in chickens. Heat is very hard on poultry, chickens especially, so it's important to do what you can to help alleviate the stress on their bodies when the temperatures rise.

20+ Ways to (Accidentally) Kill your Chickens

Raising a flock of backyard chickens isn't difficult as long as you avoid these common pitfalls that can kill your chickens. My grandmother raised chickens almost her entire life and she always used to say that if a chicken could get stuck in it or under it or drown in it, they would. And also, everything wants to eat chicken. While it's true that it's important to ensure your chicken area is free from hazards, it's not hard to keep your chickens alive as long as you avoid these common ways to accidentally kill your chickens

How to Build a Chick Brooder Box From One Sheet of Plywood

Everything a mother hen needs in this functional and roomy chick brooder box built from just one sheet of plywood. Spring is just around the corner, and that means chick season is almost upon us!  Your new baby chicks will need a nice safe, secure place to spend the first few weeks of their life, and I've got the plans for this super economical Brooder Box designed by Kelsey from Green Willow Homestead .

How Much Does it Cost to Get Started Raising Backyard Chickens?

Thinking about getting started with a small flock of backyard chickens? Here's how much you can expect to spend. You might be considering getting started with backyard chickens and wonder exactly how much it will cost you to get started.  In the past, I've talked about whether raising your own chickens for eggs is economical or not, but today I thought I would outline the typical start-up costs for a small backyard flock of 5 or 6 chickens.

What Do Backyard Geese Eat in the Winter?

When grass is scarce, backyard geese need alternative food sources to thrive. As long as geese are given access to fresh grass , they can live very happily on all the grass and weeds they can eat.  But what happens when snow covers the ground or all the grass is dead?

When and Why Do Chickens Molt?

Each fall, chickens lose their feathers during an annual molt and grow in new ones. If you're new to chicken keeping, you might not realize that each fall, starting when they're around 18 months old (assuming they hatched in the spring), chickens will start to lose their feathers.

12 Reasons why Ducks are Better than Chickens

There are many reasons why I truly believe that ducks are better than chickens. Ssssh.... don't tell my chickens, but if I had it to do all over again, I would raise just ducks instead of chickens and ducks. Having raised both chickens and ducks together for more than 15 years, I can unequivocally say that I not only find ducks easier to raise , I actually prefer raising them. 

Girl Dinner: Sardines for Chickens

Even chickens are getting in on the hot new "girl dinner" trend and enjoying sardines! If you're on Tiktok, you likely have seen one of the latest trends - namely, "girl dinners".  The term was coined by Olivia Maher back in May in a video she posted that took off like fire. And you also may have been watching sardines going viral as the ultimate new girl dinner. 

What Should I Feed my Chickens?

Chickens require a balanced diet for optimal health and egg production. Like all animals, and people too, chickens need a balanced diet to stay healthy and live long lives. 

All About Cayuga Ducks

Cayuga ducks are solid black and the only domestic duck breed that lays black eggs.  Cayuga ducks are very striking with their black feathers that have an iridescent teal, emerald green or purple sheen in the sun. Solid black bills and feet complete their "goth" look.

Mojito Cocktail Recipe

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