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Homemade Tin Can Flower Vases

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Tin cans make pretty flower vases with just some spray paint and twine.

I hate throwing anything away. Even tin cans.

And I'm glad I held onto these because seriously lacking much free time, I settled on making some super easy tin can flower vases for Valentine's Day, Easter or Mother's Day.

Homemade Tin Can Flower Vases

What you Need |

Three tin cans
Spray Paint
White Acrylic Paint
Small paintbrush
Cut Flowers
A wicked-looking drill bit/cordless drill

What you Do | 

I rummaged through our garage to find three tin cans, so happy to  be repurposing them instead of dooming them to a landfill!

After washing them out and drying them thoroughly, I drilled small holes on either side right near the top lip using this wicked looking drill bit. It did the job.

Then I applied two coats of pastel spray paint to two of the cans, leaving the third untouched. I think the silver will compliment the pink and lavender pretty nicely.

For the pink something like this Rust-oleum Blush Chalked spray paint would be pretty, the lavender is Painter's Touch.

After letting the cans dry, I strung twine through each hole, knotting and then tying bows on the ends so they stay secure, and making each twine 'loop' a bit different length.

Then, because I thought the cans looked a bit plain, I dotted some white dots along the base and top edge using acrylic paint (I added pink and purple dots on the unpainted can).

Then I arranged some cut flowers in each can and added a bit of water. Super cute and festive - and so easy!

As an aside, did you notice my nifty twine thingy? I got it from Amazon and love it!

I am always using twine and always looking for a pair of scissors so this is not only super functional, but attractive as well.  

You could also use dried or silk flowers or some herbs even if you don't have fresh flowers.

You can just set them on your windowsill or counter and tie the twine around the middle instead and be done with it or hang them on a doorknob like this.

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