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Herbs for Hens®: Echinacea

First in my brand new video series Herbs for Hens®, I focus on the edible flower Echinacea. I grow and use echinacea in my chicken keeping, as well as for beautiful, hardy cut flowers in the house all summer.

Touted for it's immune system-boosting benefits, echinacea is an ingredient in many commercial cold medications, and can benefit your flock similarly.

Did you know that echinacea (cone flower) has wonderful antioxidant, respiratory and immune system benefits for your chickens?

I dry and crush the petals and leaves and add them to our chickens' layer feed, I also feed fresh petals and leaves to them free-choice.

The blooms, leaves, stems and roots of the echinacea plant are all edible and can be steeped into a 'tea' for your family or your flock. The flowers also make pretty cut flowers for indoor arrangements and can be used to garnish cakes and desserts.

Click below to watch the video:

I hope you enjoyed this first installment  of Herbs for Hens®. Stay tuned for the next in the series coming soon!

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