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My Trip to California!

I headed out to California to promote my books and my TV show Welcome to my Farm. Here are some of the highlights.

Those of you who follow along with my adventures on Facebook or Instagram likely know that I just returned from a two-week trip to California to promote my books and my Welcome to my Farm TV Show.

While I had a blast out on the West Coast, it's so good to be home! 

I'm still trying to recover from a bit of jet lag, and catch up on things. But I wanted to share some of the highlights of my trip with you. 

I had fun carrying the Welcome to my Farm theme through my whole road trip by snapping photos at various spots along the way with a "welcome" sign!

My Trip to California! 

(And for anyone who is concerned, I did have to get a permit from APHIS to allow the chickens to be moved within Los Angeles county due to the current Newcastle quarantine.)

I've been out to California a few times now and each time I've found new places to visit and explore - it's such a huge state. I really did enjoy this last trip though.... it was SO eye-opening in so many ways. My assistant accompanied me which was great because she snapped photos as we went from place to place.

And this trip was especially memorable since I stopped at so many places my husband was stationed while he was in the Navy - Monterey, San Diego....

Starting in Sacramento

I flew from Maine to Sacramento where I appeared on a segment of Good Day Sacramento talking about getting started with backyard chickens.

I arrive at Good Day Sacramento 

This is one of my Draper James dresses I packed for the trip - SO cute and comfy!

Fun on the set of Good Day Sacramento

Monterey and the PCH

Then we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway (in a Mustang convertible, no less!) to Monterey, which I had never done before.  The PCH is gorgeous! What views!

Since I'm a huge fan of Big Little Lies starring Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman and others, the opportunity to visit the area where the show was filmed was such an experience!

And in fact, some of you might notice that I actually wore several dresses from Reese's clothing line Draper James during my California trip! 

I love her dresses! Maybe because I'm also short like Reese, they seem to just fit really well and be super comfy and flattering.

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway

While most evenings were spent in conventional hotels, one night I stayed at a vintage Airstream trailer park in Ventura (highly recommend Waypoint Ventura!).

My stay at the vintage Airstream trailer park

I love this shirtdress from Tradlands! It was perfect for travel.

Of course, we made lots of stop to see the views and hang out at the beach, getting sand between our toes! 
A quick stop at the beach to see the Pacific Ocean

Stopping to see the view in another Tradlands favorite shirt!

Down to San Diego

Anyway, we continued on to San Diego where I filmed a segment for Pet Patrol and got a chance to spend the morning with my friend Sara Bendrick from DIY Network and her chickens.

Pet Patrol segment

Visiting with Sara Bendrick and her chickens!

On to Los Angeles and Universal Studios

Finally we headed up to LA to appear on the Hallmark Home and Family show. I was originally on the show two years ago and just thrilled to be back! 

It's such a fun cast and set to visit - and an impromptu walking tour of Universal Studios followed the taping.

Watch my Hallmark Home and Family segment!

Finally! I arrive at the Universal backlot to tape a segment for Hallmark Home & Family!

I get my own private trailer to wait in! 

Hair and makeup!

Marty gave me a priceless tip for covering up undereye circles - peach concealer!

Camera ready!

On the Home & Family set in another Draper James dress!

Cartons courtesy of

It's a wrap! But the chickens want to stay and help clean up all the Grubblies!

Now it's time for a quick tour of Universal Studios!

The Jaws set

Strolling down Wisteria Lane


The set from Back to the Future

The house from Psycho

Oh good! There's a vacancy at the Bates Motel! (Just kidding! I'm going glamping!)

Glamping in Highland Park

I spent the final two evenings of my California trip glamping in the Highland Park area of LA at La Boheme Living owned by my friend Hillary Danner.

Thank you to Hillary - you're an awesome host! And your site is SO magical!

Will & Grace Taping

Before we left, we were fortunate enough to get tickets to attend a live taping of the Will & Grace show!

That was such a fun experience, and getting to meet Blythe Danner, who plays Will's mom in the show, back stage after the taping was just the icing on the cake. 

She was absolutely the nicest person. So warm and welcoming. She was a riot because she made me fill up a takeout box from craft services to eat later before I had to fly back home! 

Wrapping up my trip with a visit to the Will & Grace set and meeting Blythe Danner aka Will's mom!
I hope you enjoyed catching these highlights from my trip! 

And thank you to everyone who brought the "stunt" chickens to the TV sets for me.  They always steal the show! 

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