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How to Make a Homemade DIY Snow Globes | Two Ways

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Homemade DIY snow globes are not only magical and a perfect personalized gift for the holidays, they're really fun and simple to make.

Homemade DIY snow globes aren't hard to make and they're the perfect holiday gift for anyone from your kid's teachers to elderly neighbors to fellow chicken keepers!

I love both a chicken-themed snow globe as well as one featuring a cute vintage-style Matchbox truck or wood paneled station wagon sporting a Christmas tree on the roof! 

How to Make Homemade DIY Snow Globes | Two Ways

I recently posted a photo of my "pretend" chicken snow globe on Instagram and got lots of requests to share how I made it, so I've done that here.

I'm also sharing how to make a "real" snow globe with water in it (scroll down for those instructions).

Method One | "Pretend" Homemade Snow Globe

You can make a "pretend" snow globe quite easily by simply pouring some Kosher salt into one of these Elite pint Mason jars. I used coarse Morton Kosher Salt in mine, but you can also use Diamond Crystal salt because it has larger grains than table salt, so I think it looks more like snow.

Then arrange your figurines or toy cars as desired.

For the Chicken Snow Globe

Set some miniature figurines like these little chickens with their cute little feeder and waterer and bottle brush trees into the salt.

For the Vintage Truck/Station Wagon Snow Globe

Cut the base off of one of the bottle brush trees with a pair of scissors then tie it to the back of the car with some bakers twine. Set the car in the salt along with one or two more bottle brush trees.

For Either Style

Cut a scrap of festive fabric to fit over the jar lid and secure it between the lid and the ring.

Lastly, tie on a few miniature jingle bells with a piece of bakers twine around the lip of the mason jar and you're done.

The only downside to this type of "snow globe" is that it doesn't travel well since nothing is glued down - and you can't shake it and watch the snow fly. They do look pretty on a mantel or windowsill though....

Personally, I like the pretend snow globes better. They're easier to make, and I like the semi-realistic salt snow base. 

Plus you can switch them up if you want after the holidays to make a different winter scene... and of course the fabric and bells lend such a festive touch....

But if you're a little bit more ambitious, you can make your own homemade DIY snow globe that will actually work!

By gluing down your figurines with a waterproof adhesive, then adding water and a bit of glitter, you'll have your very own working snow globe. 

A few drops of glycerin added to the water will make the glitter float gently down every time you shake your snow globe.

Method Two | Homemade DIY Snow Globe with Falling Snow

Here's what you'll need:

Wide mouth Mason jar (I like these elite pint jars for their snow globe-ish shape)
Vintage-look Matchbox truck! (Look for a 1/64 scale truck on Ebay or Amazon)
Bottle brush trees
Bakers twine
Amazing Goop (I like the marine adhesive to be sure its waterproof!)

Here's what you do:

  • Using scissors, cut the base from one of the bottle brush trees.
  • Cut a piece of twine and tie one of the trees into the back of the pickup truck.
  • Flip the lid of the mason jar over so the silver part is sitting face up in the ring. 
  • Use the waterproof adhesive to attach your truck and bottle brush trees to the bottom of the Mason jar lid. 
  • Make sure they are placed away from the lid edges to make sure the lid will still screw onto the jar.
  • Set aside and let dry completely, usually 24 hours will do it.
  • Fill jar almost to the top with cold water. Then pour in the glitter - I used about a teaspoon - and add 2 drops of glycerin. No more. In this case, more is not better! Two drops will do it.
  • Screw the lid onto the jar (you can glue the lid to the jar itself if you want).
  • Shake vigorously for a few seconds to really mix up the contents well.
  • Turn the jar over and shake to see your homemade DIY snow globe in action! 

Whichever method you choose, why not make your own snow globe this holiday season! 

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