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Homemade Boot Tree Stand

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Make this homemade boot tree stand to keep your muck boots organized and neat.

homemade boot tree stand

Basic bio-security to prevent the spread of salmonella, Escherichia coli (E. coli), staph infections, and other pathogens is critical when you raise backyard chickens.

Wearing dedicated footwear when you visit with your chickens and leaving your boots outside, in the garage, or in the mudroom is one of the best ways to curtail the spread of germs. 

This functional homemade boot tree stand will keep your boots organized, out of the house, and also allow for a quick hose off as needed (as an added bonus, storing your boots upside down keeps mice and snakes out of them AND the bottoms get a nice rinse off each time it rains!) 

There is enough room for boots for the whole family on this easy-to-make homemade boot tree stand that would look nice on your back porch, by the back door, on the patio, or in the mudroom.

wooden boot stand with colorful boots on it

Homemade Boot Tree Stand

What you Need |

Circular saw

Two 36" 2x6 boards

Two 15" 2×4 boards

Six 18" lengths of 2" diameter dowel

Six 14" lengths of 2" diameter dowel

Cordless drill with Phillips head drill bit

2½" Phillips head wood screws

2" hole saw with pilot bit




Wood glue

Much boots! (I love my Hunter boots)

What you Do |

Cut the boards to the lengths listed above. 

With a pencil, draw a line lengthwise down the middle of the two longer boards. Using one of the dowels, mark out six holes on each board centered on the line and spaced about 4" (10.2 cm) apart.

 Leave at least 1" (2.5 cm) edge on either end. 

Drill the holes for the dowels in the boards using the hole saw.

Stain and polyurethane all the pieces of wood using the paint brush. Apply two coats of polyurethane if you plan on leaving your boot stand outside. 

Once completely dry, position the longer boards parallel to each other perpendicular over the shorter boards, which will become the end supports, and glue the boards together. 

Drive two 2½" screws from the underside of each short support board into each of the longer boards for a stronger stand. Let dry completely.

Insert and glue a dowel into each hole and let dry, using the taller dowels on one board and the shorter on the other.

board and dowel

woman gluing dowels to board

women measuring board with pencil

woman gluing two boards together

woman gluing boards

wooden boot tree stand

overhead view of tree stand with colorful boots

Store your boots upside down on the dowels with short (or kids) boots in front and taller, adult boots in the back. 

Dedicate specific footwear to wear when you’re spending time with your chickens, and consider stocking a few extra pair of boots for friends or visitors to wear when they stop by and want to see your flock.

homemade boot tree stand

This project is excerpted from my book DIY Chicken Keeping. If you enjoyed this project, look for a copy of my book where ever books are sold.

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homemade boot tree stand

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