Chicken Herb and Edible Flower Garden Video Tour

Each year, the space I devoted to herbs became larger and larger in our vegetable garden, so finally I resigned myself that I needed to just concentrate on growing herbs and edible flowers.  

I now grow a wide variety of culinary herbs to use fresh and dried in cooking, and I also use herbs in lots of ways with our chickens. The flowers are wonderful as garnish for desserts as well as for the chickens to eat. Come along with me on a tour of my herb and edible flower garden back at our home in Virginia.

Winter Herb Garden

Through the winter, not much is growing, but several herbs are perennials and come back each year. Here Winston and I survey the garden and pull a few errant weeds, getting ready for spring planting.

~our garden in late February~

Spring Herb Garden

In early spring, I plant seeds and also order seedlings to arrive later once the ground warms up and the danger of frost is past.  Herbs are generally not picky about soil conditions and most prefer full sun and little water.

~our garden in April~

Summer Herb Garden

By June the garden is in full swing and I've already harvested and dried several batches of various herbs.

Fall Herb Garden

Our garden will continue to provide fresh herbs right through until the first frost.

~our garden in June in its full glory~
We have several toads who live in the garden. They are my choice for all natural insect control. I set out several toad houses and dishes of water for our little bug-eating friends to encourage them to stay.

Now, let's take that tour so you can see what I have chosen to grow and some of the benefits of each herb.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and learned something along the way.  I would love to hear what's in YOUR herb garden already....and what you want to add.

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