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My Top Five Favorite Herbs for Chickens

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If you only have the money, time or space to grow five herbs, these are the five I recommend for your chickens.

I've been raising chickens as an adult since 2009 (I basically grew up around chickens and had them as a kid too, but for now let's just talk about the last few years since I've actually been in charge of their care.)

Since the beginning, I knew I wanted to raise them naturally, so it made sense to incorporate some herbal remedies and health benefits into their diet.

I already had a small herb garden that I used for cooking, so I just expanded that a bit and now grow enough to share with the chickens.

My Top Five Favorite Herbs for Chickens

I am often asked what my favorite herbs are, or if I had to pick just a few to grow, which would I choose.

So here are my Top Five Favorite Herbs for Chickens.


Lavender, a stress reliever and calming agent, also acts as a natural insect repellent, and improves blood circulation.

For all those reasons, it is a wonderful addition to your nesting boxes. Fresh or dried, the leaves and buds can both be used to make your nesting boxes aromatic and bug-free while calming your sitting or laying hens.

I also use lavender to make a pleasant-smelling Lavender Mint Coop Refresh Spray.


Mint is a favorite of mine to grow because not only will it grow almost anywhere, but it spreads like crazy so you will always have plenty.

Since it is a natural insect- and rodent-repellent, I liberally toss mint in the nesting boxes and strew leaves onto the coop floor.

I also use mint to make these cute, safe and effective Vanilla Mint Fly Repellent Jars


Oregano is probably the most beneficial herb for your chickens' health. Recent studies have shown the oregano acts as a natural antibiotic, and can help protect against coccidiosis.

It is also thought to guard against avian flu, blackhead, e.coli and infectious bronchitis. Adding dried oregano to your baby chicks' feed or feeding fresh chopped leaves to them free-choice helps protect them against many pathogens and get a good start in life.

Adding oregano to your flock's diet in the same ways offers them continued health benefits.


Parsley is a nutritional powerhouse and our chickens love it. High in Vitamins A, B, and D, calcium, iron, magnesium selenium and zinc, it provides multiple health benefits to your chickens.

It also aids in blood vessel development and is a laying stimulant. I feed our chickens fresh parsley free-choice as a treat and also add dried parsley to their layer feed


Sage, a natural insect-repellent and anti-parasitic, is also an antioxidant that promotes general health but even more importantly, it is thought to help combat salmonella.

Fresh or dried, sage is a wonderful addition to your flock's diet.

So there you have it. My picks for the herbs I would grow for my chickens - if I were limited to just five.

However, all the culinary herbs are perfectly safe and offer their own specific benefits, so think about growing some others for your chickens, along with these. For a more complete list of culinary herbs and their benefits, read HERE.

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