Cold Weather Chicken Care Guide

As a general rule, chickens handle cold far better than heat, but in the winter they still will appreciate being provided a draft-free, dry coop, a sunny area in the yard out of the wind, fresh water and some treats that provide extra energy and warming properties.

Boredom is also a worry in the winter, so keeping them busy can help alleviate pecking and other issues. I've put together my best advice to help your chickens through the winter.

Here are some easy, natural ways to keep your chickens happy and healthy through the cold winter months:

- Try the Deep Litter Method to warm your coop naturally
- Learn why Straw is the Best Coop Bedding for Winter (and year round)
- Try these winter Boredom Busters
- Learn How to Prevent Frostbite 

Think about Winter Treats:

- Feed Scratch grains before bedtime to help warm your chickens' bodies up a bit
- Make homemade Suet Blocks, Seed Blocks or Seed Wreaths
- Grow your chickens Sprouts
- Grow Fodder for added winter nutrition
Freeze Herbs for a winter treat for your chickens

Here are some things to consider before winter comes:

- Should I Heat my Coop?
- Should I Light my Coop to keep egg production up?
- Freeze some  Eggs for use this winter
- Or try Preserving Eggs  the old-timers French Way

Got Ducks? Here are some Winter Tips for Ducks.


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