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20+ Tips for Keeping Chickens Warm in the Winter

Here's your ultimate winter chicken care guide!

As a general rule, chickens handle cold far better than heat, but in the winter they still will appreciate being provided a draft-free, dry coop, a sunny area in the yard out of the wind, fresh water and some treats that provide extra energy and warming properties.

Boredom is also a worry in the winter, so keeping them busy can help alleviate pecking and other issues. I've put together my best advice to help your chickens through the winter.

This is a great guide to bookmark for future reference.

20+ Tips for Keeping Chickens Warm in the Winter

Here are some easy, natural ways to keep your chickens warm, happy and healthy through the cold winter months.

Prepping for Winter

Coop and Run Area

Winter Treats

Winter Egg Considerations

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