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How to Build a Chick Brooder Box From One Sheet of Plywood

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Everything a mother hen needs in this functional and roomy chick brooder box built from just one sheet of plywood.

Spring is just around the corner, and that means chick season is almost upon us! 

Your new baby chicks will need a nice safe, secure place to spend the first few weeks of their life, and I've got the plans for this super economical Brooder Box designed by Kelsey from Green Willow Homestead.

Sure, you can use a plastic tote as a brooder, and that works just fine if you get your chicks shipped (so no mother hen), and you only order a few, but they'll grow out of that tote pretty fast.

And if you plan on raising baby chicks on a fairly regular basis, a more permanent brooder box makes sense.

This deluxe brooder works whether or not you hatch under a broody hen or buy day-old chicks from your local feed store or favorite hatchery.

If you're at all handy (or know someone who is!), you can build this brooder box as a fun weekend project.

The well-thought-out brooder has separate areas for nesting, dust bathing and feed and water, providing your mother hen and her chicks everything they need to be happy and healthy.

The Brooder Box includes:

*Nesting Box 

*Dust bathing spot (baby chicks will have fun learning dust bathing skills!)

*Foraging/feeding area

*Optional leg construction with 2x4s to save your low back from having to bend down!

And the best part? You only need one sheet of plywood to build it, making it super economical.

How to Build a Chick Brooder Box from One Sheet of Plywood

When you purchase the plans for this Brooder Box, you'll receive:

* A PDF this is downloadable, printable, and includes all the information needed to get started

* Complete materials list

* Necessary tools lists

*17 pages of step-by-step instructions with detailed diagrams, drawings, and pictures

*A bonus section with tips and tricks to implement to make the Brooder Box work to your benefit

The Brooder Box is compact enough to set up in your garage, mud room, or even in a  corner of your chicken coop, if you have the space, but spacious enough for an adult hen plus a clutch of chicks.

Brooder Box Specs:
Dimensions: 3'L x 2'W x 2'H
Total materials cost: ~$85
Total build time: ~3 hours (unpainted)

$5 of every purchase is donated to the Chickens and Littles Program at Loveland Acres Farm based in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. This farm program nurtures and educates the next generation of chicken lovers by setting up classrooms and families with incubation supplies and hatching eggs.

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