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Blowing Out Eggs for Crafts, Christmas Ornaments & Holiday Tableaus

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Blowing out your eggs is a great way to save your prettiest or use them for craft projects.  It's easy, especially with the help of an egg blowing kit (link to buy one on amazon.com).  You can also use a thumbtack, paperclip and plastic coffee stirrer if you wish or a Dremel tool.  If you have a Dremel, it's the way to go, it makes a nice round hole without the spider webbing you sometimes get using anything else.

It is easier if the eggs are at room temperature when you start.  First poke a hole in one end of the egg and swirl the needle to break the yolk and scramble the insides a bit (or make your hole with the Dremel and then scramble the insides with a straight pin, bent paper clip or the gadget from the Blas-fix kit).


 Use the other tool to carefully enlarge the hole.

Use the bellows to carefully force air in and empty the egg.

Fill the bellows with water several times to rinse the inside of the egg.

Then I squirt some bleach/water or white vinegar/water mixture through the egg to clean it thoroughly.  A quick scrub with an old toothbrush and some baking soda will make white eggs sparkle on the outside.

 And there you have a perfectly blown-out egg.

Set the egg on a paper towel in a carton to dry with the hole end down. The paper towel acts as a wick to remove any last traces of water inside.  You can also microwave the shells for a minute or two to dry them out completely.

~the hole should be pointing down so the egg will drain~
So, now you've got a bowl of blown-out eggs. What do you do with them ?

For Christmas of course ornaments are the natural choice. Duck eggs make the most beautiful ornaments.  These were made by applying stickers to the blown eggs, then applying a clear layer of Modge Podge the each egg.

Pretty ornament caps glued onto the top and bottom with some ribbon to hang the egg from your tree, along with some seasonal stickers and a light coating of Modge Podge make simple, yet beautiful, ornaments that almost look like they are made of porcelain.

These ornaments were made by gluing a miniature wreath (available at craft stores) to each egg and then using baker's twine and shirt buttons to make a loop to hang each ornament.

I threaded a button then pushed both ends of the twine into the egg through the hole I used to blow out the insides. 

Leaving a loop, I then glued the button to the top of the egg. 

You can also make hanging doorknob decorations.  Just apply letter stickers to spell NOEL, MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS, JOY, PEACE, etc. and lightly brush the egg with Modge Podge. Let dry and then string the eggs on a piece of twine with a wooden bead in between each egg and tie a seasonal bow at the top. Use naturally colored eggs, or dye them before you string them.

You can also 'dress up' some eggs using a hot glue gun and scraps of felt or fabric and create cute holiday-themed tableau scenes for Christmas, Thanksgiving and even Halloween.  I used some fun-tack to anchor the blown eggs to the tray.  These are all from the 2011 Holiday Season.
~holiday-themed tableaus from 2011~
~Blown egg Christmas Santa scene from December 2011~
For Easter, try stamping the eggs and then stringing them on pastel ribbons with wooden beads.

~idea adapted from marthastewart.com~

Hang the eggs from doorknobs or cabinet knobs for some Easter cheer !

Either Blas-fix kit is well worth the price, especially since once you start blowing out some eggs, your imagination will run wild !


A Dremel tool works very well to make uniform holes quickly.

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