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Fresh Eggs Daily® Poultry Feed Supplements

I'm excited to introduce you to my line of natural poultry products! The Fresh Eggs Daily® brand name encompasses products that I use with my own flock daily: products that I love, trust and stand behind 100% that are now being sold under my own private label.

These products are designed to work in conjunction with each other and all should be mixed together into your flock's daily feed. Each product provides unique health benefits for your flock and are equally beneficial for chickens and ducks from hatch to laying age and beyond.

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Poultry Feed Supplements

Poultry Probiotics helps with digestive health. Think of eating a yogurt. That's what probiotics are. But since poultry can't digest milk sugars and shouldn't eat too much dairy, probiotic powder is a far better way for them to get the probiotics they need to help build good bacteria in the gut. Probiotics also support digestive health and help with nutrient absorption, thereby reducing your feed costs. Keep those butts fluffy with probiotics!

Organic Coop Kelp provides all kinds of essential vitamins and minerals to your flock. I especially think it's important in the winter when my flock can't find grass and seeds and bugs outside to eat. Kelp is also a prebiotic which helps probiotics work better and provide immune system support. A diet of sea kelp also helps with pretty feathers and makes bright orange egg yolks.

Brewers Yeast with Garlic is important because it provides essential niacin (Vitamin B3) to ducklings and ducks. Waterfowl need more niacin than chickens, and brewers yeast is the best way to provide it to them. It's essential for ducks to help them grow nice strong bones, but is super nutritious for chickens too. And the garlic is great for respiratory and immune system health. 

Flock Flax provides beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids which improve both hen health and the nutritional value of the eggs she lays, resulting in a healthier diet for your family - and healthier chicks if you hatch the eggs! It's also a great source of natural calcium and supports circulatory system health.

This is what my chickens and ducks eat every day. The supplements can be mixed into a base of chick starter, grower or layer feed, depending on how old your flock is. 

Here's how I use the supplements with my mixed flock of chickens and ducks. I mix each of these supplement into a bag of layer feed for my adult chickens and ducks or a bag of chick feed for baby chicks or ducklings. 

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