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Fresh Eggs Daily® Poultry Feed Supplements 

I'm excited to introduce you to my line of natural poultry products! The Fresh Eggs Daily® brand name encompasses products that I use with my own flock daily: products that I love, trust and stand behind 100% that are now being sold under my own proprietary label.

These products are designed to work in conjunction with each other mixed into your flock's daily feed. Each product provides unique benefits for your flock. Equally beneficial for chickens and ducks from hatch to laying age and beyond.

Choose from 

Brewers Yeast with Garlic

for stronger bones and better respiratory and immune system health

Organic Coop Kelp

an important source of nutrients, minerals and prebiotics

Poultry Probiotics

for better digestive and intestinal health

Flock Flax

for increased Omega-3 levels in eggs, more flavorful eggs and prettier feathers

Available from these fine retailers:



Meyer Hatchery 


And watch for new products coming soon! 

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