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Over the years, I've tried most of the chicken products available on the market, and many gardening products. My chickens have sampled and tested all kinds of feed, treats, feeders, bedding and other products. I've tried all kinds of bird feeders, garden implements, fencing, raised beds and seeds.

With the publication of my cookbook, I have also started testing kitchen products.

I've loved some and hated some. I am constantly asked for recommendations from readers and asked by companies to review their products.

I find myself using some companies and brands over and over because their products, customer service, price and quality are superior.

I only work with the best, so here for your shopping convenience are some of my favorite products and companies that I personally have used and highly recommend.


Small Pet Select provides a whole grain, non-GMO, corn-free and soy-free line of chicken feed and scratch grains, as well as unique chicken products and accessories. Hands down, the best chicken feed on the market.  I also love their Sustainable Scratch and Oyster shells. Use CHIKLUV for 20% off your first purchase from their website!


Fresh Eggs Daily® Brewer's Yeast and Garlic is a beneficial supplement that I add to my flock's daily feed for the niacin (Vitamin B3) which is important for proper bone development, as well as immune and respiratory system benefits.

Fresh Eggs Daily® Organic Coop Kelp is a powerful organic prebiotic which aids in digestion and provides essential vitamins and minerals to your chickens for healthy egg production and increased hatchability.

Fresh Eggs Daily® Flock Flax provides beneficial omega-3 to both your chickens and in the eggs they lay, resulting in healthier hens and a healthier diet for your family.

Fresh Eggs Daily® Poultry Probiotics has been specifically formulated for backyard chickens and ducks for better digestive and immune system health. Probiotics also improve egg quality, eggshell thickness and production, increase nutrient absorption, and are thought to reduce the smell of ammonia.


Grubbly Farms sells USA grown and raised grubs (aka black soldier fly larvae) that are high in not only protein but also calcium and a flock favorite snack of ours! use FRESHEGGS25 for 25% off your first purchase!


Meyer Hatchery ships a wide variety of chicks, ducklings and juvenile chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, guineas and quail, as well as fertile hatching eggs - all with low minimum orders. Also gifts and supplies for your coop and kitchen. Use LISA2022 for 5% off your order!


Horizon Structures built my chicken coop here in Maine. It's my first walk-in coop with a separate storage area and I love it! Take a closer look or learn more by visiting their website. They offer a wide variety of chicken coops and also build sheds, barns and dog kennels for all your furry friends.

COOP created the first-of-its-kind Smart Coop. There's a new coop in town!

PredatorGuard protects your coop and run area from night predators using blinking red lights powered by the sun. Two eyes are better than one!


Fresh Eggs Daily Aspen Nesting Pads prevent egg breakage, providing a nice soft nest for your laying hens. Biodegradable and compostable. Coming soon!

Coop Confetti® is my signature mix of organic nest box herbs which will help to keep your coop smelling fresh and looking beautiful! It is the Country Living magazine Blue Ribbon winning nesting herb brand that you know and now. Now back and better than ever!

Spalding Fly Predators  are the preferred natural fly control method on our farm. Trust me, they work!


Brinsea sells my preferred incubator and brooder EcoGlow heater. Take 10% off any order using the promo code FRESH at checkout.

6-Cell Egg Cartons Don't your eggs deserve cartons as pretty as they are?


Kochi Free is an all-natural coccidiosis preventive and treatment.

Nutri-drench offers a burst of nutrients in a molasses base to give a leg up to an ailing chicken.

Herbal Salve with Rosemary is an all-natural herbal first aid ointment for minor cuts and scrapes, skin irritation and wounds. It also helps protect against bumblefoot and scaly leg mites.


Hunter Boots makes durable rubber rain boots in a rainbow of colors for the fashionable farm girl.

LL Bean. We live in Maine. Need I say more?

The Original Muck Boot Company sells work and play boots to keep your feet warm and dry in style.


Ball Canning jars for canning and preserving available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes - and now in the heritage colors green, blue, amber and purple.

Saltverk harvests sustainable sea salt from Iceland. It's my preferred salt to cook and bake with.

Devilish Dill Egg Seasoning from The Spice House combines all my favorite egg flavors in one jar.


Botanical Interests  sells organic flower, vegetable and herb seeds in beautifully illustrated packets. They make a wonderful stocking stuffer or gift in addition to a great source for seeds for your own garden.

Gardener's Supply Company sells a wide variety of supplies for the discriminating gardener. If they don't sell it, you probably don't need it.


Coop Confetti® is my signature mix of organic nest box herbs which will help to keep your coop smelling fresh and looking beautiful! It is the Country Living magazine Blue Ribbon winning nesting herb blend! 

Herbal Academy of New England offers online herbal courses that you can enroll in and move at your own pace. Choose from the introductory or intermediate course, as well as a wide array of other course offerings.


Chickens Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine focusing on raising chickens.

Country Living Magazine embraces everything that's good about living in the country.

Food Network Magazine is packed with recipes from all your favorite Food Network stars.

Hobby Farms is a bi-monthly magazine bringing you practical advice whether you farm for pleasure or profit.

The Magnolia Journal is the quarterly publication from Chip and Joanna Gaines. It's a beautiful magazine packed with home, kitchen, garden and lifestyle tips.

Your Chickens is the superb monthly magazine for British hen keepers - and those of us 'stateside' too!


Amazon sells anything and everything you can't find elsewhere. And I've gathered all my favorite products in one convenient place for you HERE.

Thank you for supporting my sponsors. It's because of them that this site continues to run. Some of these links are affiliate links, meaning if you click on the link and purchase something, I may receive a portion of that sale, at no additional cost to you, however I always only recommend companies/products that I personally work with, use and can recommend in good conscience.

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