Our New Saxony Ducklings

Welcome to the world little ones!

We have had five Saxony duck eggs incubating in our incubator for the last 28 days.  (Follow along with our daily updates to The Great Eggscape HERE.)  Today was Hatch Day and this little one didn't disappoint. 

Arrived right on schedule.

We have our brooder (AKA the bathtub) all ready to transfer the ducklings to once they dry off and rest a bit. Four more eggs to go...they can take up to 48 hours to hatch after the first pip, so this could be a long drawn out process.

Here's a short video clip of this first little one emerging into the world:

Several hours later...two more ducklings have gotten out of their shells...

 and the final two eggs have pipped....ooops and one just hatched.  So four new ducklings...

just waiting for the last egg to hatch.

This will make the third 100% successful hatch we've had in our Brinsea Mini Advance incubator.  I can't recommend it enough. 

(Buy yours at and use the coupon code FRESH for 10% off.)

And HERE is a link to basic duckling care.

Update: Nine short weeks later and the ducklings are almost full-grown.

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