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Fresh Eggs Daily Debuts on HGTV Gardens with a Five-Part Series on Raising Ducks

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I'm excited to have been asked to write a series of articles on raising ducks for HGTV!  After all, ducks are the new chickens.

I am excited to announce the debut of a five-part series on raising backyard ducks that I am writing for HGTV Gardens! I was invited to be a guest writer and was thrilled to accept.  The premise of the series is "Ducks are the New Chickens",  in response to the

I am so honored to be a part of the HGTV Gardens guest writer team.  They have a beautiful new website and blog, so head over and read my articles....then stay and browse for awhile. 

The articles in the 5-part series include:

Part One: Ten Reason Why Ducks Might be a Better Choice for your Backyard Flock
Part Two: A Primer on Duck Housing, Diet and Health
Part Three: Six Popular Duck Breeds
Part Four: Landscaping for Ducks
Part Five: Raising Ducklings

Update: I've been contracted to write several more ducks articles for and also put together a few photo albums for their site.

Check out all my articles over at HERE

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