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All Natural First Aid Kit for Chickens

Assembling a natural first aid kit for your chickens is easy if you raid your kitchen pantry and bathroom medicine cabinet.

Too often in backyard chicken keeping, injury or illness occurs that needs to be treated quickly. Too many chicken keepers fail to assemble a first aid kit for their chickens in advance.

It's important to have a basic first aid kit ready... just in case.

Hopefully you will never need them, but at least you'll be ready if you do.

I don't believe in using commercial antibiotics or medications not only for the hens' well-being, but also because we eat their eggs, so medicating chickens isn't optimal when thinking about then resuming eating their eggs.

Additionally, most medications and treatments recommended even by vets are not approved for use in poultry, and withdrawal periods (during which you shouldn't eat the eggs from a treated chicken) are often uncertain. 

All Natural First Aid Kit for Chickens

But it's still important to assemble a first aid kit for any animal you raise, and chickens are no different. Fortunately, it's not only possible, but I believe, optimal to find all natural first aid items right in your kitchen or pantry.

I consider the items listed below essential to any chicken first aid kit.

They are all-natural and have no side effects or withdrawal periods when used as directed, but between them all, you should be equipped to treat nearly anything including predator attacks, respiratory issues, predators or heat stress.

Since many products used to treat poultry are not readily available locally, and many vets don't treat chickens, it is my recommendation to be prepared and keep these critical items stocked at all times - many of which you will find right in your kitchen, pantry, bathroom cabinet or at a local pharmacy.

In addition, I recommend several all natural commercial products that are good to keep on hand as well. With this basic first aid kit, you should be able to treat most chicken illnesses, injuries or other first aid issues.

We have never used a commercial medication, antibiotic or other chemical-based product on our hens and have never lost one to disease or illness, and the natural route is always my first choice anyway.

First Aid Kit Supplies

Kitchen/Pantry Items

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cayenne Powder

Coconut Oil


Garlic/Garlic Juice



Oregano/Oregano Oil

Pharmacy Items

Saline Solution

Commercial All Natural Products

Green Goo       


First Aid Applications

Activated Charcoal | Useful as a detoxifying agent in case of accidental poisoning, helps flush toxins and contains Vitamin K which aids in blood clotting

Anti-pick spray | Blue color helps to keep other hens from picking on an injury or red, raw skin 

Apple Cider Vinegar | Balances Ph, overall digestive and health support

Backyard Chicken Zyfend | All natural preventive wormer that helps flush internal parasites

Brewers Yeast with Garlic | Supports immune and respiratory health

Cayenne Powder | Stops bleeding, improves  circulation which is thought to help prevent frostbite, also treat for shock by adding several teaspoons to a cup of water

Coconut Oil | Treats frostbite and scaly leg mites

Cornstarch | Stops bleeding

Garlic/Garlic Juice | Natural remedy for mites and other external parasites

Green Goo | Antibacterial topical salve for cuts or scrapes, also helps treat frostbite and bumblefoot

Honey | Antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal with natural healing properties

Kochi-Free |  Organic and all natural helps rid the body of the coccidiosis parasite

Liquid Calcium | Effective in assisting an egg bound hen to lay her egg

Molasses | Detoxifying agent in case of poisoning or botulism, also provides vitamins and minerals to boost ailing hen

Nutri-Drench | Molasses-based liquid packed with nutrients helps correct vitamin deficiencies, improve appetites in sick hens and increase response to other treatments 

Oregano/Oregano Oil | Natural antibiotic

Poultry Probiotics | Improves digestive health, boosts good bacteria in the gut

Poultry VetRx | Camphor-based formula used to treat respiratory ailments, scaly leg and eye worm 

Saline Solution | Used to rinse wounds or debris from eyes

These items, along with some gauze pads,  scalpel, eye dropper, tweezers, a small pair of scissors and vet wrap or first aid tape will ensure you are prepared.

For a complete, more comprehensive list of all the items to consider for your chicken first aid kit, as well as some non-natural supplies, click HERE.

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