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Think Spring! DIY Flag Seed Markers

These fun DIY seed markers made from gingham tape just scream spring! 

Spring is just around the corner and last weekend I decided it was time to start some seeds in the house. Isn't my seed starting tray just adorable?  

Think Spring! DIY Flag Seed Markers

What you Need |

Assorted craft paper
Packing tape
Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
Potting soil
Plastic container

What you Do |

To make my cute weather- resistant seed flags. I tracked down some Martha Stewart craft paper, gathered a ball of twine, a roll of packing tape and my toilet paper rolls - and went to work.

We've been saving toilet tissue rolls since Christmas (thank you Mark for remembering to save the empties instead of tossing them in the trash !) so at one end of each I made four cuts and folded them to create a flat bottom on each roll.  Then I stood them upright in my plastic tote.

I filled each roll with some soil from our compost pile.  Each spring I plant seeds both for a garden for the chickens and ducks (mainly leafy greens, cucumbers, sunflowers, squash nasturtium and melons) and also one for us that will include some of what I plant for the chickens plus tomatoes, squash, beets, sweet potatoes and peas.

I pushed some seeds down into the dirt in each roll, misted them with a bit of water and then 'planted' my flags.  I added a 'THINK SPRING' bunting and voila! An adorable (and springy) way to start seeds.

So back to my seeds....I misted them, then covered the container loosely with a piece of plastic wrap and it went onto our library windowsill. After just a few days of misting and lots of sun, the seeds started sprouting!

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