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Adding Dried Herbs to your Chicken Feed

Adding dried herbs to your chickens' diet gives them an inexpensive boost in nutrition and other health benefits.

As you probably know, I incorporate herbs into my chicken keeping in various ways including offering our chickens fresh herbs as a treat, sprinkled in their nesting boxes and in the chicks' brooder, in the coop, as well as into our hens' diet by way of steeped tea.

But I also dry and crush herbs during the summer to add to our chicken feed mix all through the winter as well.

I often find that some herbs that they turn their noses (beaks?) up at fresh, they will readily eat when dried and crushed into their feed.

I maintain a large herb garden, mostly concentrating on the culinary herbs and edible flowers, so there's plenty for me to use in cooking and also plenty of extra to put some aside for our chickens.

As the herbs need to be snipped, I cut and dry them, then crush them and store the individual herbs in tightly sealed glass jars.

That way I can use what I need in the kitchen and also mix up custom blends to add to our chicken feed.

I don't measure out the herbs per se. I just mix the dried, crushed herbs in a large bowl and then add a few cupfuls to each bucket of feed when I mix up my Breakfast of Champion Layers for happy, healthy chickens with strong immune systems.

Adding Dried Herbs to your Chicken Feed

The following herbs are especially beneficial as feed supplements and can be mixed and matched into your own custom blend depending on what you have available.

Try to choose at least one herb from each category below for a well-rounded supplement:

Laying Stimulants |


Respiratory Health |

Bee Balm

General Health |

Sage/Pineapple Sage

Orange Egg Yolks |

Dandelion Greens

Natural Antibiotic |

For a more comprehensive list of the common culinary herbs and their health benefits, click HERE.

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