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Frozen Vegetable Ice Wreath for your Chickens

Make this frozen vegetable ice wreath for your chickens this summer!

With temperatures forecast into the 90's today, I thought it would be a good day to serve up this Frozen Vegetable Ice Wreath to our chickens. 

It's not only an excellent way to help your chickens cool down in the summer, it's also a great way to use up leftover fruits and vegetables. 

Save up those partial bags of frozen vegetables and leftover canned vegetables.  Keep freezer burned fruit and those cranberries left over from Thanksgiving. 

Don't toss out bruised blueberries or mushy raspberries. You can use them all in this frozen treat!

Collect everything in a freezer bag until you are ready to make your wreath to make an easy, inexpensive summer treat for yourchickens.  

I use a Bundt pan to make this treat, but you can use a regular cake pan or casserole dish just as easily.

Frozen Vegetable Ice Wreath for your Chickens

It's super easy to make a frozen vegetable wreath.

First, dump your mix of cut up fruits and vegetables into your pan, filling it 2/3 of the way or so. I used a blend of carrots, corn, green beans, cranberries and blueberries this time, but any mix will work.

Pour water over the vegetables, almost to the top, so the vegetables are completely covered and then freeze the pan.  

When frozen solid, remove your wreath from the freezer and unmold it (running it under warm water for a minute will do the trick), then serve it up to your girls. 

I put mine on a large dish in the shade in the run for them to enjoy, but you can also string a ribbon through your wreath and hang it if you wish for your chickens to peck at.  

As you can see the chickens LOVE picking the treats out of the ice! The frozen veggies and ice help cool them down on hot days.  

So why not take a peek in your freezer and see what goodies you can find for your girls! 

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