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DIY Wine Bottle Fruit Fly Catcher

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An empty wine bottle makes a nice, inexpensive fruit fly catcher.

Who doesn't have a problem with flies in the summer? 

These easy to make fly catchers will help control house and fruit fly populations in and around your barn, coop and back patio or kitchen counter.  And all you need is a bottle of wine and a mango.

To make this quick and easy wine bottle fly catcher, you only need two ingredients and about four minutes. 

The idea is that the fruit flies especially are attracted to the sweet smell of the fruit rotting in the wine and fly in and then are unable to fly back out, either drowned in the liquid or not smart enough to find a way out.

Perfect for a backyard barbeque or picnic, or even on your kitchen counter next to your fruit bowl, these wine bottles are attractive and effective - just be sure no one tries to pour a glass of wine from one!

DIY Wine Bottle Fruit Fly Catcher

What you Need |

One ripe mango
One bottle of Chardonnay

What you Do |

  • Drink all but about 3 inches of the Chardonnay, leaving the rest in the bottle.  
  • Peel the mango and drop some of the peels into the bottle. 
  • Then set the bottle where you see fruit or house flies congregating. That's it!

This turned out to be a very economical DIY fly catcher.  I could have gone with a cheaper wine, I did see a bottle of Chardonnay for just $3.99, but I chose the Rex Goliath Chardonnay purely because of the label. 

And after all, you can drink most of the bottle of wine, so it's not wasted in the least.

Then I found mangoes on sale for $1 each - and you even get to eat the mango and just use the peels for your fly catcher! 

So how awesome is that?

I set one bottle near the run since the chickens have been getting a lot of kitchen scraps lately that attract fruit flies.  I also set one on our back patio where we see lots of gnats.  

Within just a day or so, we were already catching flies and gnats.

I have had the bottles out for several weeks now and have caught many, many flies, gnats and some beetles, but absolutely NO 'good' bugs like bees, ladybugs or the like which is really important since they are very beneficial to our fruit trees and garden.

So next time you are out shopping, buy a bottle of Chardonnay and tell yourself it's for fly control!  Drink up!

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