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GIVEAWAY: Cinders A Chicken Cinderella by Jan Brett


Jan Brett has long been a favorite of mine - first as a bestselling author of beautifully illustrated children's books when I owned my bookstore - and more recently as a fellow chicken keeper, raising show-quality Polish, Silkies and Cochins among others, once I started raising my own backyard flock.

So when I caught wind of her new book Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella, I knew I had to reach out to her and ask if she would be interested in donating a copy for a giveaway.  Jan couldn't have been nicer and agreed to send me a copy of her book to give away to one lucky reader.

If you are familiar with Jan's writing (and illustrations) you know that she produces top-notch, bestselling children's books. She uses woodland creatures as the characters and often travels to different parts of the world to lend a more authentic flavor to her writing and drawings. This new book is no different. Set in Russia, Jan really immersed herself into the culture, as evidenced by these great photos...

~photo used courtesy Jan Brett~
~photo used courtesy Jan Brett~
A takeoff on the classic Cinderella fairy tale, this book is set in magical, snowy Russia and the characters are chickens and ducks. From the glitter-studded dust jacket to the very last page, this book is a feast for the eyes.  I especially love the Blue Swedish ducks recruited to pull the troika!

The Fairy Godmother is played quite convincingly by a beautiful white Silkie....

Of course Prince Charming is a stately rooster, while Cinders herself is beautiful...

This gorgeous book will appeal to any chicken keeper, but obviously also children (and adults) of all ages, as it truly is a gem. What a wonderful holiday gift it would make!  

To enter to win a copy of Jan Brett's new book Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella, please leave a comment below and be sure to sign up to follow our blog.  One winner will be chosen at random from all entries left by midnight, Wednesday, December 11th.  And don't forget to visit Jan on her website HERE.


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