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Book Review | Cinders A Chicken Cinderella by Jan Brett

Jan Brett is the author of many beautifully illustrated childrens books.

Jan Brett has long been a favorite of mine - first as a New Englander and bestselling author of beautifully illustrated children's books when I owned my bookstore - and more recently as a fellow chicken keeper, raising show-quality Polish, Silkies and Cochins among others, once I started raising my own backyard flock.

In fact, I met her in person at the Northeastern Poultry Congress in Springfield, Massachusetts several years ago. She takes her chicken showing very seriously!

So when I caught wind of her new book Cinders: A Chicken Cinderella, I knew I had to reach out to her and ask if she would be interested in donating a copy for a giveaway.  Jan couldn't have been nicer and agreed to send me a copy of her book to give away to one lucky reader.

If you are familiar with Jan's writing (and illustrations) you know that she produces top-notch, bestselling children's books. She uses woodland creatures as the characters and often travels to different parts of the world to lend a more authentic flavor to her writing and drawings. 

This new book is no different. Set in Russia, Jan really immersed herself into the culture, as evidenced by this great photo...

A takeoff on the classic Cinderella fairy tale, this book is set in magical, snowy Russia and the characters are chickens and ducks!

From the glitter-studded dust jacket to the very last page, this book is a feast for the eyes.  I especially love the Blue Swedish ducks recruited to pull the troika!

The Fairy Godmother is played quite convincingly by a beautiful white Silkie....

Of course Prince Charming is a stately rooster, while Cinders herself is beautiful...

This gorgeous book will appeal to any chicken keeper, but obviously also children (and adults) of all ages, as it truly is a gem. What a wonderful holiday gift it would make!  


Available from Barnes and Noble and where ever books are sold.

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