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Chicken Feed Bag Christmas Stockings

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Whip up these cute Christmas stockings for your chickens from repurposed chicken feed bags. Easy sewing project!

Start saving your empty feed bags! 

It's so easy to sew up these cute chicken feed bag Christmas stockings to give as holiday gifts to your chicken-loving friends - maybe filled with chicken treats or other chicken-themed items.  

And if you decorate your coop for the holidays, a row of these stockings would look adorable all lined up.

Sturdy, durable and weather-resistant, the stockings are appropriate for indoor or outdoor use.

These feed bags are so festive already - the red and green theme is perfect for stockings!

With just basic sewing skills, an empty feed bag and some scrap ribbon you can whip up a feed bag Christmas stocking for each of your chickens in no time. 

The instructions are for machine stitching, but you can absolutely sew up these stockings by hand.

Chicken Feed Bag Christmas Stockings

Here’s what you’ll need |

One feed bag, cleaned and dried
Permanent marker, such as a Sharpie
Scraps of ribbon or lace approximately 18" long each
Coordinating spool of thread and bobbin
Sewing machine fitted with a medium-weight needle
Straight pins
Sewing scissors
Pinking shears, optional
Miniature jingle bells (aren't these cute?)

Here’s what you do |

1. Cut up the sides of the feed bag so you have a front piece and a back piece. Lay them facing up.

2. The easiest way to make your stocking is to use one of your own Christmas stockings as a template.
Using the Sharpie or marker, trace the outline of your stocking on the front of the bag, allowing for a ½” seam allowance, and centering the design on the bag where you want for the front of the your stocking.

3. Cut out your front stocking piece and then flip it over and lay it on top of the back of the bag (the outsides of the bag should be face to face) and trace the outline on the back of the bag for your stocking back.

4. Also cut a 6” x 2” strip from the bag scraps to use to hang your stocking and set aside. 
5. Pin the two bag pieces, then sew along the outer edge, leaving the top open and the ½” seam allowance. Then trim close to your sewing line, using  pinking shears for a neat finish if you have them.

6. Fold over the top edge 1/2" and pin in place. Sew along the top to make a nice, neat seam.

7. Turn your stocking right side out and pin your lace or ribbon in place along the top edge of the stocking, making sure the open seam is on the back of the stocking. Sew along the top edge of the ribbon to secure it in place on the stocking.
8 Fold the small strip you cut earlier into thirds to form the stocking hanger and sew down the middle.
Then fold it in half, tuck the ends inside the stocking and sew the ends to the top edge of the heel side of your stocking (alternatively, cut a length of thin ribbon to make a hanger).

9.String the jingle bells and tack them by hand to the bottom edge of your ribbon trim.

And that’s it. Your stocking is finished!

Now hang it and fill it with presents for your chickens!

Step by Step Instructions with Photos  for Chicken Feed Bag Christmas Stockings


Cut bag into two pieces.

Trace stocking template.

Trace back of stocking using front piece as a template.

Pin and sew together, outsides facing, and leaving top open.


Trim with pinking shears.


Fold over top and sew neat seam, turn stocking rightside out.


Fold scrap into thirds to make hanger.


Pin in place.


Sew up middle.

Pin ribbon and lace in place.


Be sure seam is on the back.  


Sew along top edge to secure in place.


Sew hanger at top of heel side.


Thread bells onto a length of thread and tack in place.

A short piece of ribbon acts as the hanger for this stocking.

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