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Herbal Sinus Infusion using Calendula Sage and Thyme

As you may know, I am enrolled in the Intermediate Herbalist Course at The Herbal Academy of New England.

The online course consists of ten self-study units and I've been working on my certification since last November.

The unit I just completed focused on the respiratory system, which is of particular interest to me personally since I suffer allergies and even more so because chickens are notorious for respiratory issues.

The respiratory health unit discussed various herbs and concoctions  to help with all different types of respiratory issues including bronchitis, sinusitis, the common cold, congestion, the flu and more.

For my final 'exam', I decided to make an herbal infusion that I could use in my Neti pot to clear my sinuses and also offer to the chickens as a brewed 'tea' to keep their sinuses clear and working properly.

Since we have fresh herbs in the garden now, I was able to use some of them in my recipe.

-fresh sage and thyme from the garden-
This time of year the pollen is really bad and affects us all, even our dogs and cat sneeze because it gets in their noses and respiratory tracts. I'm sure the chickens suffer from the pollen as well and can benefit from the other nutrients in the herbs as well.

I chose to use sage, thyme and calendula in my infusion based on information from The Herbal Academy of New England:

Sage - An anti-viral/anti-microbial which helps promote healthy flow of mucus. Also an anti-inflammatory which relieves sinusitis congestion.

Thyme - Also an anti-viral/anti-microbial that helps promote the healthy flow and elimination of mucus. A drying herb, thyme also helps warm the sinuses and expel mucus.

Calendula - This anti-viral/anti-microbial is also an anti-inflammatory which soothes and the lungs and reduces swelling in the airways. Calendula helps remove waste and aids the immune system. 

Calendula/Sage/Thyme Sinus Infusion

Fresh or dried Calendula
Fresh or dried Sage
Fresh or dried Thyme

To make the infusion, I gathered about a Cup of fresh sage and thyme from the garden and then added 1/2 Cup of dried calendula flowers. I added the herbs to just a bit more than two cups of water which I let simmer on the stove for about 20 minutes. 

I strained the liquid into a pint mason jar and reserved the solids to feed to the chickens, along with some of the liquid which I set aside for them. To the remaining liquid, I added 1/4 teaspoon of salt and filled my Neti pot. Once cooled, I rinsed out my sinuses and then brought the chickens their 'tea'. Here's to good sinus health for us all!

-simmer your ingredients-
-strain and feed the the solids to your chickens along with a bit of the unsalted liquid-
If you are interesting in learning more about herbs, why not check out the course and take it along with me? Click HERE for more information or to register.

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