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There's a Reason its Called Chickweed

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There's a reason it's called chickweed. Chickens love it!

Chickweed is one of the most prolific, and nutritious, weeds that you most likely have growing somewhere on your property. It loves moist, shady areas and grows nearly year round in much of the country.

When we lived in Virginia, it practically took over entire areas in our backyard in spring and fall - and our chickens gobble up every bit they can find. Chickweed is a great addition to your chickens' diet - and they love it!

There's a Reason its Called Chickweed

Take a look around your property to see if you have some of this medicinally-beneficial weed growing anywhere. It blooms with tiny white flowers and creeps along the ground like a ground cover if left alone.

Health Benefits of Chickweed

Best used fresh (drying causes chickweed to lose many of its benefits), it has numerous benefits for your chickens as well as baby chicks including:

 Natural pain reliever
 Soothes mucous membranes 
 Aids in digestive health
Purifies and cleanses blood
High in B vitamins and Omega-6

Chickweed can also be used as an eyewash for an injured or irritated eye by steeping the fresh leaves in boiling water and then applying as drops or a compress once cool. 

I offer fresh chickweed to my baby chicks (just be sure they have access to  grit to help them grind it up and digest it) and also make them chickweed tea by steeping the fresh leaves in boiling water. 

Watch as they eat some out of their hanging treat baskets!

Oh and did I mention it has all the same benefits for us humans? Try adding some chickweed to your salads or sandwiches for a super nutrition boost!

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