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DIY Photo Album Seed Organizer

Store seeds in a photo album for easy reference and organization until the next planting season.

If you're like me, you're addicted to seeds.

That means you have countless packets of seeds stored in boxes and baskets in your garage or in your garden shed tucked into terracotta pots or piled up on your potting bench.

If you're also like me, you hate when things get misplaced and you can't immediately put your hands on what you need. So here's an easy fix to organize your seeds - using a basic photo album.

DIY Photo Album Seed Organizer

Dig out an album you aren't using, buy one like the one I use, or check your local thrift shop or tag sales for one. The album I use holds 200 packets (more if you double them up if you have duplicate types of seeds) in the 4x6-sized pockets.

There are a couple of ways to organize your seeds. You can organize them by type, i.e. vegetables, herbs, flowers, etc.

You can organize them by month during which they should be planted, or you can organize them in a straight alphabetical order. That's how I chose to organize mine.

So I laid the packets out, alphabetized them and then tucked each packet into a pocket in the album. Then I cut an empty seed packet to fit into the little window on the front cover of the album and I was done. Now I will be able to quickly and easily find the seeds I'm looking for.

Over the years, I've tried growing all kinds of squash, melons, beans, tomatoes, plus a wide selection of culinary herbs, planting things I never would have even thought to grow in the past - like Brussels sprouts, endive and lovage. The beauty of it is that anything I plant that we don't eat, the chickens are glad to help out with!

If you have more seeds than one album can hold, consider making a few albums - dividing up the alphabet, or designating one for herbs, one for vegetables, and so forth. 

To purchase the photo album I use, click HERE.

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