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Bill Green's Maine Television Appearance by Fresh Eggs Daily's Lisa Steele


We haven't been living in Maine very long, so I was pleasantly surprised to be contacted by Bill Green, TV personality and host of the Emmy-award winning show Bill Green's Maine, to be featured in a segment.

The show airs every Saturday evening at 7pm on WCSH6 out of Portland and WLBZ2 out of Bangor and spotlights Maine people and places, so to be asked to be on the show is just  such an honor.

So last Friday we opened our home and coop to Mr. Green and his videographer/photographer.

They arrived early in the morning and we sat in our kitchen over cups of steaming coffee and got to know each other a bit, then we headed outside to start filming.

The chickens and I had such a good time over the course of the next several hours. And the chickens were so good at hitting their 'marks' - with the help of some well-placed handfuls of treats of course!  Winston and even the ducks and my husband all got in on the action at one point, so it became a real 'family' show.

Enjoy this behind the scenes peek.

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