Easy DIY Evergreen Wreath

Once Thanksgiving is over, I'm ready to start decorating for Christmas. This year I decided to make evergreen wreaths for my chicken coop and run since we have a near endless supply of pine trees here on our farm in Maine.

I had plenty of ribbon and florist wire, and some cute wooden cutouts I had bought for another project, but no wreath forms.

I don't even know if there is a Joanne's or Michaels anywhere close by - I'm thinking not - and I was too impatient to order wreath forms from, so I decided to improvise and make my wreaths freestyle. 

Super easy to do and nearly free to make, these wreaths come together in no time and really add some holiday spirit to the coop when you follow my step-by-step tutorial.

What you Need:

Evergreen boughs cut into short lengths
Small scissors
Ribbon ( I used brown grosgrain ribbon for mine)
Cream-colored exterior paint 
Holly berries or crabapples, optional

Cordless drill with small drill bit

What you Do:

Start by attaching the lengths of evergreen together, stem to tip, with the florist wire. Form them into a circle and attach the ends. Continue adding lengths, going in a circular direction, tucking the stems in, and securing with the florist wire.

Once your wreath is the size and fullness you want, drill a hole in the top of a star cutout and then paint both sides of the cutout and let dry.

Once dry, attach the fishing line through the hole and secure at the top of the wreath so the star hangs roughly in the middle of the center wreath opening. Tie a length of ribbon at the top and tie it in a bow. And voila! You have a wreath.

-Collect some fresh evergreen boughs-
-Assemble your materials-
-Using short lengths of wire, attach boughs to each other tip to stem-
-Continue attaching boughs until you have the right lengh-
-Form into circle and wire to secure the ends-
-Continue around in a circular direction, wiring on more boughs to fill out your wreath-
-Paint your star forms, let dry, then drill a small hole in each-
-Attach a star to each wreath using fishing line-
-Add a ribbon bow-
-And you're done!-
-Wreath with optional crab apples-

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