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Easy Windowsill Herb Garden in Eggshells

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Having herbs handy for cooking is made easy with this cute windowsill herb garden planted in cute  eggshell halves.

If you enjoy cooking with herbs like I do, keeping a variety of fresh herbs close at hand is a necessity. This easy herb "garden" is so simple to create and puts your herbs right at your fingers tips on the kitchen windowsill. 

Not to mention, it makes a pretty addition to any kitchen. So start saving those eggshells!

I was inspired to create this easy eggshell garden in a half egg carton after reading my friend Georgia Pellegrini's book Modern Pioneering (Clarkson Potter, 2014). 

There are so many great DIY and crafty ideas in her book, not to mention great recipes, but on page 18 she shares her Eggshell Flower Vases. So I did my own riff on her idea and created this miniature herb garden.

What you Need |

6 egg shells
Half egg carton or ceramic egg tray
Six different types of culinary herbs (I used oregano, thyme, chives, cat mint, rosemary and mint)
Small knife (butter, steak or paring knives all work)

What you Do | 

Carefully crack the top off each eggshell with the knife, trying to leave as much as a 'base' as you can (don't worry, your break doesn't have to be perfect!).

Empty out the contents of each egg into a bowl, then rinse the shells, remove the membranes and let the shells air dry.

Once the shells are dry, set them in your carton, then fill each about 3/4 of the way with water. 

Snip the stems of your herbs short enough to sit in each shell and arrange a different type herb in each eggshell. 

Set in a sunny windowsill and pinch off leaves as needed for cooking. Monitor the water levels and top off as needed. 

Some herbs, like mint and rosemary will send out roots fairly quickly and should stay fresh in the eggshells for weeks and weeks. 

Replace the herbs with fresh herbs snipped from outside as needed to keep a constant supply handy for cooking and baking.

Don't forget to check out Georgia's book Modern Pioneering here on Amazon

It's really a great resource with so many other cool ideas in it including a watermelon keg, natural beet lip gloss, lemon basil ice cream...but you'll have to buy the book for those recipes! 

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