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Talking about Raising Backyard Chickens on NPR

Everyone's bucket list* is made up of different dreams and goals. I was excited to be able to cross one item off my bucket list last week when I was invited to be on the NPR radio show Maine Calling on a panel chatting about Raising Backyard Chickens
Yes, appearing on NPR was on my bucket list! (So is seeing a moose and mastering I said, everyone's list is a bit different...)
Last Thursday, I was joined by Donna Coffin, Extension Professor at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Justin Bergeron, Asst. State Veterinarian in the MPBN studio down in Portland. 
Along with Maine Calling host Keith Shortall - a chicken keeper himself - we talked about getting started with chickens, predator-proofing your chicken coop and run, some common health issues in flocks, bio-security and other foibles relating to chicken keeping. 
The hour flew by as the phone lines lit up for the Q&A segment of the show. 
Mainers certainly love their chickens and the callers were all so enthusiastic. In fact, the calls kept coming in long after the show was over.
If you weren't able to listen in live, you can catch the whole show here:
Maine Calling: Raising Backyard Chickens

For more Information on some of the topics discussed on the show:
Washing Eggs
When Will my Chicken Start Laying?
The Deep Litter Method
Should I Heat my Coop?
Eggshells for added Calcium
Diatomaceous Earth for Pest Control
Cold-hardy Breeds
Adding new Flock Members
Although Violet didn't come with me for the taping, I was assured that next time she is perfectly welcome to sit in on the show. I told you, Mainers love their chickens!

*Bucket List : a list of things that one has not done before but wants to do before dying.
Definition of Bucket List by Merriam-Webster

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