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Announcing my New Book Gardening with Chickens

I'm very excited to finally announce that my brand new book Gardening with Chickens: Plans and Plants for you and your Hens (Voyageur Press, 2016) is being released this week! 

Over a year in the making, the writing of this book was truly a labor of love which allowed me to combine two of my most favorite pastimes - gardening and chicken keeping!

I've been gardening my whole life. Far longer than I've been raising chickens, but it wasn't until we got our chickens and I started incorporating them into our gardening regiment that everything fell into place. They are nature's first aerators, tillers and fertilizers. 

They excel at weed and bug control. And they will happily eat any produce that isn't fit for your table. 

Of course they'll also happily eat all your landscaping, your entire garden and then proceed to make huge craters in your lawn, so there are some tricks and tips that can help you channel your chickens' activities into productive ventures - all of which I share in my new book!

The book includes a combination of photographs and illustrations. Due to tight deadlines, and since we shot much of it in Maine last fall, I enlisted the help of my good friend Kate from Drinking with Chickens in southern California. 

She contributed many of the photographs used in the book, but I was happy to have many of my own chickens grace the pages as well, thanks to my friend Darlene from Whimsical Years Photography and her willingness to come visit our farm, her car bursting with end-of-the-season vegetable and herb plants, and help me start planting a garden. 
In Maine. In the fall. When we knew it would only live for just a few short weeks. But we got the shots we needed and were then able to fill in the rest of the book with some stunning illustrations. 

Available from and Barnes & Noble as well as many local garden shops and feed stores around the country, I am confident that Gardening with Chickens will start you on the path to a more bountiful garden and happier, healthier chickens! Thanks to all of you who have already ordered a copy. If you haven't bought your copy yet, what are you waiting for!

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