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Easy DIY Duck or Chicken Teepee

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Make this easy DIY teepee for your chickens or ducks to give them a bit of a wind block and shade from the sun in their run.

Over the years raising ducks, I've learned that the cold rarely bothers them, but they're not really big fans of wind. 

I've also noticed that they love to hunker down in the shade of the evergreens that grace our property to nap, safe from aerial predators.

But I don't let the ducks free range all the time, so I decided to make them some teepees out of evergreen boughs for their run. 

Even though the ducks are completely safe in their covered run, they still feel a sense of security being shielded from view from hawks and eagles that circle overhead. 

The teepees also make excellent wind blocks through the winter and sunblocks in the summer. Although I made these for our ducks, our chickens will enjoy them as well.

Quick and easy to make - and practically free. Here's what I did.

What you Need

  • Three or four sturdy branches, maybe four feet long
  • Evergreen boughs

What you  Do

Gather the branches and secure them with the twine at the top, creating your teepee frame. 

One by one, attach the evergreen boughs to the frame by winding the twine around the top of each bough and then around a branch, leaving the front open. That's it.  

Then set up your teepee in a spot the ducks enjoy congregating, spreading the branch 'legs' so it's stable, and then put some soft bedding inside for them. I used pine needles and dried leaves.

Our ducks were a bit suspicious at first, but soon decided they really liked their new teepees. The chickens have yet to try them out.

And of course once the snow falls, the teepee makes a nice little shelter with a bit of straw in it!

Once they got used to them, the ducks really seemed to love their teepees. They were so easy to make, so I'm glad I decided to add a few to the duck run.

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