Best Warming Winter Treats for your Chickens!

Winter treats for your chickens serve a couple of important purposes. 
Unlike warm weather treats that should be water-laden, cooling foods such as watermelon, cucumber or frozen berries, cold weather treats should be high-protein, high-carb, high-fat foods to help give your chickens energy to stay warm and to keep weight on.

Winter treats also serve another important purpose - they can help to keep your chickens from getting bored during long, cold winter days and possibly start bullying or pecking at each other. 
High protein treats will also help your chickens get through their fall molt more quickly.
Sprinkling some cinnamon over their feed (or some warm oats) can help keep your chickens warm by improving their circulation (which also helps prevent frostbite) and will boost respiratory health, while a sprinkle of cayenne pepper will also help warm them up by improving circulation - and is said to get chickens laying again!

This awesome Winter Treat infographic was created by Crystal over at Pajamas, Books and Chickens. Be sure to bookmark or pin it for future reference! And be sure to follow Pajamas, Books and Chickens over on Facebook too.

Infographic courtesy: Pajamas Books and Chickens
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