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Stuffed Apple Treats for Chickens

Shorter days of fall bring on a molt in backyard chicken flocks. Help your chickens grow back their feathers faster with this protein-rich treat.

The shorter days heading into fall bring on the molting season for backyard chickens. During this time, which can last weeks or even months, they drop their old feathers and regrow brand new feathers to help them stay warm through the winter.

Adding a bit of extra protein to their diet during this time can help them grow their feathers in faster since feathers are almost all protein. You can feed your chickens meat scraps or a variety of plants that are high in protein. Or you can make them this easy, nutritious apple treat.

Stuffed Apple Treats for Chickens 


Several apples, cored (apple seeds contain cyanide, so to be on the safe side, I remove the seeds) Unsalted natural peanut butter (check your health food store or Amazon
Black oil sunflower seeds  

Fill the centers of the apples with the peanut butter and then sprinkle sunflower seeds on top.  And That's it! 


Don't be surprised if your chickens are suspicious of new treats at first, but once one brave girls digs in, the rest will soon follow her lead.

Tune in to the Apple episode of Welcome to my Farm to watch me make my girls this yummy treat and to see them enjoying the apple snacks.

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