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Fresh Eggs Daily on the Hallmark Home and Family Show!

I was excited to be invited to appear on the Hallmark Home and Family Show to talk about my new book Let's Hatch Chicks!

If you missed the Hallmark Home and Family show last Monday, you can catch my segment here! I was super excited to appear on the show to talk about my new book Let's Hatch Chicks!  

I'll be sharing some behind the scenes photos and stories from my trip to California later this week hopefully, but for now I just wanted to share the link to the show for anyone who missed it. Enjoy! 

The entire cast and crew were super nice and the whole experience couldn't have been more positive. Everyone was really interested in the chickens and remarked on how well behaved they were...for the most part! And I was excited to bring some of the joy of keeping chickens to nationwide audiences across the country!

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