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Build your Chickens a Solar Sunroom

Chickens need clean fresh water all year round, but even without electricity, it's easy to keep their water from freezing in the winter.

Keeping your chickens' water from freezing in the winter can be a challenge. But in all except the very coldest of regions, this easy hack should help keep the water from freezing. 

If you do live in an area where the temperatures don't rise above freezing for days on end, then using an electric dog water bowl is probably your best bet. Otherwise, this solar sun room made out of old windows should do the trick.

Build your Chickens a Solar Sunroom

What you Need |

Two paned glass windows

Set of small hinges
Four screws
Black rubber tub (like this one from Miller Manufacturing) 
Ping pong balls

What you Do | Attach small hinges to the tops of each window. This will allow the "sun room" to fold for easy storage when you're not using it. 

Then cut a short length of chain and screw it to the upper part of each edge. The chain will help to stabilize the window so it doesn't slide, but setting the windows out of direct wind is a good idea.

Set the windows in a sunny spot and place a black rubber tub filled with water in the protected area. 

Add a few ping pong balls (their bobbing keeps the water surface from forming a layer of ice on it) and a splash of apple cider vinegar (since vinegar freezes at a slightly lower temperature than regular water does, you might get a bit more time before the water freezes). 

Your girls will appreciate not only having their water warmed a bit from the heat of the sun and the black rubber absorbing that heat, they'll like getting out of the wind to have a drink of water - or just hang out by the water tub for a bit of gossip!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tip excerpted from my book 101 Chicken Keeping Hacks!

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