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Finnish Christmas Tradition of Feeding the Birds

In Finland, it's a tradition to hang wheat, seeds and grains on a pole for the birds. I've adapted that for my backyard chickens!

Sometimes we forget that Christmas isn't celebrated only here in the United States.  It's a holiday that's celebrating all around the world, with each culture having its own unique traditions.

Being of Scandinavian descent, and having lived in Finland for a year as a child, I love preserving my family heritage. 

That means cooking and baking lots of traditional recipes that my Mom taught me and decorating our home with Scandinavian-themed decor around the holidays. That also means feeding the birds.

Finnish Christmas Tradition of Feeding the Birds

In rural areas of Finland and other Scandinavian countries, it's a tradition to hang treats for the wild birds on Christmas morning. 

Only after the birds have eaten does the family eat their holiday meal.  

I decided to adapt this wonderful tradition and not only feed the wild birds, but also put out a holiday feast for my chickens! 

By simply tying a sheaf of wheat (or straw, corn stalks or other grains) into a bundle and scattering seeds and grains like sunflower, millet, safflower or barley around on the ground, you have an easy way to offer your chickens some fun Christmas treats.

Photo credits:
Jessica Lyon Odlarbloggen

Tie a sheaf of grains, nuts and seeds to a pole
Grain nuts and seeds placed in the garden for the birds

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